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North Carolina

A little bummed...

Alright, so Im not going to Lie. . Im a little bummed.
We moved our wedding to NC (originally way back in the beginning on planning we were going to get married in Coventry CT on the lake -beautiful lake and the venue was $200 for 8 hours) but after my mom whined about no one from my side being able to come, we moved the wedding to NC (where we live)

Well. . .Invites went out and our total number for guests was at 140. Our RSVP deadline is this weekend. Mails already come today (surprisingly since our road is like a sheet of ice) and our count as of right now is 45 people coming. Ugh. . I should have just stayed with our original plan to be in CT. . however, it would be called as Balls up there in FEB for a wedding.

Im now starting to slowly call people (giving time for Mon and Tues mail to arrive) to see if they were planning on coming.

I guess the bright side is that the people I MOST wanted there will be here (my parents and grandparents and same for FI) plus, we'll come WAYYY under budget as far as food goes.

--Im going sledding, that always cheers me up--
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Re: A little bummed...

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    My dad keeps saying we're going to have a lot less people than we think.  We're inviting like 200 people so I'm thinking like 150.  We invited 100 to our engagement party and had about 75 to 80 show.  Maybe more will show we had some people show up that we never heard a word from.  You have to plan for a few extra anyway.  And maybe when you call they'll say they just forgot to send it back.  ***THINK POSITIVE***!!!
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    I am. . Plus Im still getting to marry my FI :)
    its just CT would have been MUCH more budget friendly.

    Regardless, it'll still be a beautiful and wonderful day!
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    I'm sorry you are bummed about that.  It happened for a reason, your wedding will be great. It might have snowed in CT in Feb and no one could have made it. Ok totally made that up, but just saying things happen for a reason.  Your close family and friends will be there and on that day that's all you'll care about!  Don't think about the money now, its already spent and planned. Sigh
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    Yeah, we were a little surprised at the low response rate. We invited 160 and had 95. We were expecting 110-120
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    Our final count came in today. . 55 out of 140. Ironically. . . the people coming are those that were on the very first list before the guest list blew up. Great stuff eh? It'll still be fun though :) Plus, I get to marry an awesome man!!
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