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Just gotta vent ... GRRRRRRRRR

OK, I know my living in a little town in South Dakota is my choice. But would it be too much ask for there to be any decent freakin' shopping here for ANYTHING? 

My DD is so ridiculously busy with her preceptorship and job at the moment, that I'm trying to round up many of the items needed for her September wedding. Since we have few decent stores AT ALL, not to mention places for wedding supplies, much of this is done online. I shop a lot online just because we have nothing from which to choose here in the Styx.

Which gets me to the real crux of what's in my craw ... why is the shipping on some of these websites so freakin' RIDICULOUS! As in $20 to send a little box of party junk that cost about the same? For dumb. I mean, it's not like you have to ship it to Mars or something for goodness sake! It's just to a house on a hill in a nice little town! UGH.

Maybe I'm just a city girl stuck in a country girl's life? Probably not. LOL. I do reallly love our small town, but gheez. For the love of Pete, is it too much to ask that we have more stores than Walmart?

OK. I feel a little better. Thanks for listening. 

Re: Just gotta vent ... GRRRRRRRRR

  • Try googling for coupon codes.  You can sometimes find free shipping or percentage off.  Some sites will send you a coupon after you sign up for emails.  Create a junk/wedding email address to use for wedding related items and deals.

    ^^That site has deal potential for thousands of websites.
  • Thanks, Tawillers! is awesome; of course the ever-elusive brown cellophane I'm after is only from some obscure place with redonkulous shipping. Im looking at other options at the moment. 

    Anyone ever use that floral mesh to wrap favors??
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