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November 2010 Weddings

Cake Tasting?

I'm starting to look for a bakery for the cake.

What do I need to bring/know before I go meet with/taste the cake?
Do I need to know exactly what I'm loooking for or will they help walk me through it ?


Re: Cake Tasting?

  • I would say 1) have an idea of your budget 2) an idea of how many guests you are having 3) maybe bring some pictures of things you like- a pic of your dress? invitations? colors ?. 
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  • Ditto PP.  

    I would go in with at least some idea of what you have in mind... maybe bring a few inspiration pictures.  Or at least know how many tiers you want, how many guests you'll have...

    as far as flavors: we went during an "open house" a few weekends ago. YUM.  They had like 20 different flavors for us to try.  
  • Definitely your colors.  The tiers may not be as important, because our baker determined number of tiers by how many servings we needed (although, if you're having a smaller number of people but like the look of a big tiered cake, you could always do a couple of false layers to make a dramatic look).  They'll help you with flavors.  Also have an idea of what you want the cake to look like (fresh flowers?  Buttercream?  Fondant?).  And have FUN!  It's a good time!

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  • Also know whether or not you plan to use a cake topper, you will want them to know this when desigining the cake :)  We go Saturday and I'm SO excited - Enjoy!
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  • If you can look at their menu of flavors online, go ahead and let them know which ones you want to taste, so they can have them ready. FI wanted to taste the hazelnut praline filling for his cake, but since they have to roast the hazelnuts freshly, they didn't have any on hand.

    Also, have an idea of the style, your budget, and how many people you are feeding.
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  • ledalialedalia member
    We just had ours a few weeks ago. She asked me to send her my inspiration pic(s)  and what flavors we wanted to try. At the tasting, she asked if we wanted to save the top tier, how many guests (this will determine the tiers unless you really want a certain number), what kind of cake topper, if we wanted it delivered, and if we wanted to rent their cake stand. I would try to let them know what flavors at least because you want to make sure they have them available.
  • What we did was look online at their flavors and chose a few combinations. We called them and they asked for our top 4, the date, number of guests. When we went in for the tasting they had a large binder with photos of past cakes and we went through it and found a cake that we loved and just wanted to change a little. We told her our colors and to put them in that design in whatever color combo she found was best. Then we ate cake! MMMM!!!

    I think that every bakery might be a little different though. I would suggest calling the number one choice bakery on your list, find out from them what they need you to do/bring. Good luck! It's the sweetest part of wedding planning!
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