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Wedding Coordinator Issues

So my fiance and I have hit our first wedding roadblock with the issue of having a wedding coordinator. I personally wanted to have one because of the connections she may have that I don't know about plus I am new to New England and I don't know where everything is or who to get in contact with. I live in Massachusetts and the wedding is in Connecticut. He thinks I can do it with the help of my maid of honor which by the way is the only bridesmaid within 100 miles. I think I might just give in to him and not have one but I really get stressed and I don't want to be stressed on or before the wedding. I have a lot going on already with my two children one of whom as bad asthma and a recently diagnosed heart condition, work and school to be a neonatologist. Sorry for the rambling and a little whining but what do you ladies think I should do?

Re: Wedding Coordinator Issues

  • I'm sorry that you have all of that stuff going on at once, I'm sure planning a wedding on top of that is stressful. Maybe compromise with him. A lot of wedding coordinators have multiple levels of being involved, you might be able to find one that suits you and your fiance. I think we might get a Day of Coordinator, just so I'm not so stressed out on the day of.
  • Yeah thats what I was thinking myself but im still getting overwhelmed just thinking about all the details. I guess if you guys can do it I can too. I just dont want all of the responsibilityTongue out! lol! Just me being a big baby thats all!! Thank you for the advice!!
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