Need help finding an officiant

Ok, so here's my situation....my fiance and I are both baptist, but do not belong to a church or anything....our original minister who was going marry us that I've known since I was little is moving to another state!  Does anyone know what I can do to find an officiant without joining a church?   Oh by the way, we are having both the ceremony and reception at a hall in Liberty.  Let me know!!

Re: Need help finding an officiant

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    I would recommend contacting local Baptist Churches and meet with their ministers.  Even have your minister call and speak with local ministers about your situation and that should help to smooth the way for them to do your ceremony.   If they know that you are strong in your faith and understand your situation there should not be an issue of why they couldn't marry you.
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    I was referred to Rodger Coleman in Kansas City. He was referred to me by a coworker who used him for her wedding in a hotel downtown.  I spoke with him and he seems to be great. I have sent him a deposit for my date and will be meeting with him prior to my wedding. You can find him online by googling Rodger Coleman, Clergy services in Kansas City. Good luck!

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     I'm a minister, if you have not found someone to Wed you please feel
     free to call 660-351-6809 and let me see if I can help
                                                                                       God bless
                                                                                        Rev. Dan
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