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September 2010 Weddings

Week of?

I am interested to know who is working the week leading up to the wedding and if so all week or part of the week?  My boss said I have Bride brain and will now until the wednesday before the wedding I work a half day

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Re: Week of?

  • today is my last day!!  YIPEE!!!!!  and yes, major bride brain.
  • I'm working up til Thursday.  Ick.  I have MAJOR bride brain, and major can't-focus-don't-give-a-shit-about-work brain.  My boss has been pretty lenient, but I can see her starting to get frustrated that every time she walks in here I'm frantically minimizing TK instead of working!

  • I took the week off from both my jobs. I am going crazy right now. I was planning on just taking the Thursday and Friday off but then things came up and it will just be so much easier and less stressful if I dont work at all.
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  • I'm getting married the 11th, I'll have the holiday off on the 6th but I'll be working Tuesday - Thursday. I'm taking off Friday so I can get any last minute things done before the rehearsal dinner that night.

    The Monday and Tuesday after the wedding I will be back at work - we leave for our honeymoon on the 15th. It sucks but I don't have any vacation time. I only get 5 days.
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  • I am off the whole week before and the whole week after.
  • Im with steph!! My last day of work is Sept 9th I dont return til Sept 28th
  • I get married on 9/12 so I have the Monday before off for Labor Day and I'm taking that Friday off from work before the wedding to head down to the OBX to start getting stuff ready.  Our honeymood in the whole next week.  I cannot wait for a beak from work...not that I do much actual working during the 8-5 work day, but I'll just enjoy not coming in!!!
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  • Getting married Saturday, working today until noon then I am leaving straight from here to the Wedding spot (6 hrs. away)

  • Im working the entire week before the wedding. But I only have to really be ehre a full day on tuesday, the rest of the days I will just have the office phone transfered to my personal and then I can do whatever. We have payroll the friday before my wedding so I at least have to come in to do that which is seriously 15 min since the guys turn in time the monday of that week and there is only 6 paychecks to write :-)
  • Taking 2 full weeks total: Wed 9/22, wedding 9/25 and honeymooning 'til10/5!!  I can't wait!
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  • Working the week of - just off Friday.  And off Monday after.

    Funny story:  Mom asks what time we've taken off, "just so I know."  WTF?  Why do you need to know?  Told her we're off Monday after and I could see her getting ideas about staying longer - so I followed it up with..."since we know you guys will be here til Sun pm and we wanted to have Monday TO OURSELVES."  Nipped that in the bud.
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  • I'm taking only the day before off (Friday) and then two weeks after. I am contemplating taking off/at least working from home Thursday before out of fear of having last minute things to do and/or get together.
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  • I was originally going to work the Monday and Tuesday before my wedding (Wednesday I have a bunch of appointments, and the wedding is Friday so I figured it was stupid to come in Thursday) but Monday is Labor Day and I may wind up not coming in at all.  My mom is going to be here, and my sister gets in Tuesday, so I might spend some time with them those days.
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  • I'm getting married this sunday, and I'm only off Friday of this week.  Then off Monday because it's Labor Day. 
  • I'm taking off the Thurs and Fri. before. Then going back to work Mon-Thurs. after the wedding.
  • In Response to Re: Week of?:
    [QUOTE]I'm getting married this sunday, and I'm only off Friday of this week.  Then off Monday because it's Labor Day. 
    Posted by tba0313[/QUOTE]

    Same here
  • I'm gettting married saturday the 25th and I will come in to work on Monday the week before the wedding (the 20th) because I have to turn in payroll for about 40 guys. I will be off until after my HM so I guess my next day back at work will be like October 5th-ish depending on how long it takes me to get back in the groove of things back at home.
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  • I am getting married the 11th. I'll have the Monday off for Labor Day, then I'm working Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm taking off two weeks from the Thursday before to the Wednesday after the honeymoon. Yay! :)
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  • I'm a grad student and every time I see my advisor/boss, he asks me how wedding planning is going rather than how research is going.  That being said, I am taking off the entire week before the wedding and two weeks afterwards for the honeymoon.  I'm spoiling myself.  However, as soon as I get back, I have a major proposal to start writing.
  • Im taking the whole week off before since I have to travel up north to get all of the last minute details done. And my B-party

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  • I'm getting married this Saturday (9/4) and today (Weds) is my last day of work, however my boss is a b* and it's all day and til late tonight. Thanks boss!
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