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Check! Bought my dress today...

I finally picked out my dress today and decided to just go for it and buy it since I am getting short on time for delivery and alterations. 

I do have a bit of a rant though....

I went to David's Bridal twice before and had a good experience trying on many gowns, but unfortunately today was the opposite.  I had an appointment, yet my consultant was busy with at least two other brides and really never helped me.  My pregnant sister ended up helping me get into gowns for a final decision. 

Then, when I was ready to purchase my consultant told me that I had to buy the gown "off the rack" and that they never allow brides to order new dresses if the gown in the store is in good condition.  I knew this was ridiculous, and when I got up to the front of the line I told the woman that I wanted to order a new dress... and it was no problem.  So weird. 

This made the day kind of a downer because I almost walked out of the store because I was thinking that I might have buy a ratty wedding dress that had been tried on by a hundred girls or get nothing today.  Oh, and I read later that I should have received a discount booklet when I purchased my gown and I received... nothing.

Now, I don't expect the "champagne" experience of a boutique from David's Bridal, but I do want to get the correct information and a bit of help.  However, the end result will hopefully be great.  I ordered a beautiful dress and veil... oh yeah, and an underskirt, but that's not beautiful :)

I got a ball gown with straps that create a nice "v" neckline and a deep "v" in the back as well.  It has pleating at the bodice and a wide band of beading at the waist.  I thought I would want strapless, but I love how this dress hides any "back fat" issues that I didn't even know I had until I tried on wedding dresses!  Here is a pic of my dress from the website:

Thanks for letting me vent :)


Re: Check! Bought my dress today...

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    yay! it feels so good to get the dress taken care of!!
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    Sorry you had a bad experience!  I ended up not buying a dress from Davids because they wouldn't order me a new one.

    It is a beautiful, classic dress, nice choice!
  • keana123keana123 member
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    Yay for the dress. Boo to David's for being lame.
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    Well the dress is lovely. If it makes you feel any better I had a very similar David's Bridal experience
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    The dress is beautiful, to bad you didn't have a better experience!
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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience! I ordered my dress from there and they ordered me a new one. I got it in like 10 days--super fast. I knew that I would never get alterations there bc of the horror stories I heard, so I bought a dress and got the hell out of there!
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    Beautiful dress! I bought my dress at DB and they ordered the dress for me with no issue. As for the coupon book, just ask for it now. I went into my DB yesterday to pick up my shoes and it was sooooo busy. So glad when I went for my dress I was able to go on a weekday.
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    Very pretty!! :)
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    That's horrible, I hate it too when I don't get the same story from the staff. I'm kinda glad we don't have a David's Bridal where I'm from...I've heard its hit-or-miss when it comes to their customer service.

    But you found a beautiful dress! Yay!

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    Love the dress!
    I had a similar experience with DB. My consultant was over an hour behind and by the time she came back from her late lunch she was working with 3 of us.... I think she helped my in 1 of the 8 dresses i tried on. Lets just say my mom should have got the credit for my dress!
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  • Lenore2010Lenore2010 member
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    Love that dress. I would have considered that if my wedding were more formal. I also got a DB dress, and after a bad weird experience at one DB I was so determined to try on a particular style I went to the other location in town.

    I did buy my dress off the rack because the order time was 12-16 weeks I no longer had that kind of time. The rack one was in great condition, too.

    I am very happy with my dress and the 2nd DB did give me good service, but I know first hand how they can be.
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    Thanks everyone!  I appreciate the feedback on the dress, because I was a little stressed about it being too simple.  The dress was very reasonably priced, so I splurged on a veil that has some sparkle to it...  so it will have a little extra impact, at least for the ceremony. 

    I should have gone to David's Bridal on a weekday when it was less busy, but my consultant asked me specifically to go in on the weekend when she was working so she would be there when I made a final decision.  I didn't know if this would impact her commission (if they get them), so I went in on a Sunday for her benefit, and then barely saw her.  Oh well.

    I also booked Glamsquad for airbrushed makeup and hair, so I am making some progress on this whole wedding planning process :)
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