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Silly question ladies.  I am getting married in February and am having a bridal shower in November... I'm used to going to showers in May/June where the bride can wear cute sundresses... but what do I wear for my November Bridal Shower?!  It's going to be too cold to wear a flowery dress, but I also don't want to look too business-like, formal, or wear dark colors.  Thoughts?

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    Great point... I think I overthink EVERYTHING... but I also am always paranoid of being over or under dressed.  I'm a colorful person and so I want to maintain color but not go too crazy since it's November.It's at someone's house, but it's my mom's best friend's and they tend to be somewhat dressy/formal...
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    How about a sweater/dress with leggings and boots? Cute, trendy, and sort of middle of the road as far as dressy/casual...
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    Yeah, that's what I am thinking... it's funny because I posed the question to my sister and cousin and that's exactly what they said :)Thanks!!
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    That's funny. My Bridal shower is in February and I'm wearing a sweater dress, leggings and heels
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