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October 2011 Weddings

Gift questions

Are you planning on getting your FI a gift for the wedding? If so what are you going to give him?

Also - we're having problems figuring out what to get the groomsmen. Any suggestions? No jewelry (none of them are jewelry guys), also no flasks (they all have several already)....

Re: Gift questions

  • I haven't even thought of this yet!! I was planning on getting socks for my bridesmaids! (They're all 12-17) and the socks are knee high bright colored striped and polka dotted. They'll love them.

    Since the groomsmen are my FI's brothers, I think he knows them better and I'll let him pick. 

  • I'm only getting T something small-probably a good cigar for him to have at the reception (out on the balcony of course) and I want to get him a gift certificate for a shave at a barber shop.  He's always really wanted to do that.

    Our groomsmen are huge Bears fans, so they are each getting a bears jacket, and then the best man is getting a jersey and hat.
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  • I don't even know what to get FI for Christmas, let alone for the wedding. Although I do think I'll get him blackhawks cuff links for the wedding to match my garter :)
  • The guy gifts are completely up to him. I saw a bunch of good ideas today though...there's pocketsknives, engraved beer mugs, engraved money clips....I was just thinking today how much easier he has it. I have no idea what to get the girls. I want to get a tote of some kind, but something they can use again, not just something that says "bridesmaid" on the side. And totes can be expensive, so I really don't know. I haven't even figured out how much I'm spending. I don't even want to think about this yet, but I know it's not something I should put off too long. Esp with holiday sales going on...and it would be easier to collect stuff over time, rather then try and get it all at once right before the wedding.

    We are buying each other our bands, so that and the honeymoon are probably going to be our presents to each other, esp after paying for a wedding! haha.
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  • I am getting J a photo charm on a pin to wear inside of his jacket on our wedding day. The photo will be of his parents, both of whom are deceased. I am thinking of getting 2 more charms with photos of his Great Grandmother, who helped raise him, and his Grandfather, who was J's idol. J has barely any family left alive, so having these photos with him is the closest he can come to the real thing.

    J is in charge of getting something for his best man. Whatever floats his boat. I was going to get my MOH a giftcard to Ruths Chris, but we decided to give that to her for this christmas instead. Her new gift will be a super plush monogrammed robe that she can wear while she is getting hair and makeup done on the wedding day. I know for a fact that her current robe could definitely use replacing. :)
  • Oh, and I think we are going to give each of the guys in the wedding party a cigar.
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  • That's a good idea km...I need more ideas for the GM.  I feel like almost everything has been overdone :P
  • I saw these People and thought they were neat.


    They also have a guys but it's a little more expensive.

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