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Conflict between bridesmaid and matron of honour?

My best friend is going to be my matron of honour (obviously), however, I have another friend that is going to be a bride's maid. Here's my issue, my matron of honour (we'll call her Sue), and this particular maid (we'll call her Amy), absolutely HATE each other. When I say hate, I'm not being dramatic, I'm being honest. Sue believes that Amy has no place in my life, and Amy believes like-wise of Sue. I think that Amy is jealous of the fact that Sue is the Matron of Honour, but she doesn't realize that Sua has been my best friend since middle school up until now. I don't believe that they would physically exchange blows, but the tension when the two of them are in a room together is beyond belief.

What should I do?

Re: Conflict between bridesmaid and matron of honour?

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