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Hey everyone, We just got ingaged (FI name is Brandon) and were thinking it would be great to have an engagement party to celebrate! Is that too cheesy?? Just looking for some feedback...thanks!

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    An e party is hosted by someone else, in your honor.  You never host them yourself.  That would be like hosting your own shower. You could have friends and family over for a meet and greet or something like that, just don't make it an eparty and make sure everyone knows what it really is.
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    Engagement parties are great.  If someone offers to host one for you, definately take them up on it. If no one does, you can host a meet and greet dinner party to introduce your parents and maybe some close friends.
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    Engagement parties are not cheesy however they are thrown in honor of the couple not by the couple. So you do not get one unless someone offers to throw you one. Also all those invited to the eparty must be invited to the wedding so be careful on guest list
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    I dont think its cheesy to host your own party.
    We are having our own, basically as a meet and greet, but we called it an engagment party. the one thing I did include on the invite is-No gifts please.
    That way, my guests dont feel as though we are having the party for gifts.
    We are having the party at our house, approx. 30 people coming. we hired a bartender to set up and make a signature drink, we will have apps. also.
    I think its a grat way for our wedding party to get to know each other.

    Noone offered to have mine, so I went for it.
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    It's not about it being "cheesy" to host your own e-party.

    It's actually not proper etiquette to throw any party in honor of yourself.

    nrsemsb, it sounds like you had a fun party but you also did commit two blunders:  The first was hosting your own e-party and the 2nd was mentioning gifts.  Even if you don't want them, it's not appropriate to mention gifts at all on ANY invitation.

    It's fine to throw a party for the sake of it.  But in the furture, don't throw one in honor of yourself.
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