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Anyone getting married or got married at The Ridge Club?  Please tell me about all the details!  I think I've made my decision but input would be reassuring!  Thanks!

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    It's a grest venue and everytime I have been there all was perfection.   I think they changed management recently but probably for the better...

    I work in the wedding field now and have been there many times... they always have it going on beautifully... and what a spot anyway.  I do know they have had the same Chef for a long time and the food is super good ( according to my chef in the family... and he is very critical in general so that says a TON)

    They ahve beautiful linens, set up and always plenty of help early on... 

    I'd say relax and enjoy your good choice!
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    I'll be getting married there next Sept! I don't know about you, but I fell in love with the reception space and the back terrace for cocktail hour. It's just the right balance of elegance without being too stuffy. Very comfortable. I've only heard amazing things about the food, and judging from the menu it sounds fantastic. I can't wait for the tasting. Weather permitting they'll cook up the cocktail hour selections on the grill right outside.

    Amanda has been amazing so far. I haven't done much planning yet, but I feel very comfortable that she'll help me with whatever I might need. When I was searching for venues she was always the first to get back to me, many times responding to emails within minutes. 

    The Ridge Club also seem very accommodating to whatever plans you'd like to make. Other places I visited made me feel like there were a few too many rules and regulations and I felt anxious about asking for something different than the norm, but anytime I've asked about changing things up here the response has always been yes, no problem.

    Also, my fiance is pretty psyched about getting some pictures taken in front of their mini green monster on the field by the tennis courts. =)

    I can't give you any real reviews yet, but we obviously think it's a great place! Good luck with your decision!

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    Thanks!!  Yes, I absolutely fell in love with it too!  It's just so clean and fresh looking..just enough Cape Cod without  (I grew up on the Cape so I didn't want it to be over the topbeach and starfish) I feel like they include a lot more than other venues, and the outdoor grill is amazing!  I do love how you can totally customize everything from the menu, to where you put the dance floor.  Amanda seems super too.  Hopefully we will have our date set by the end of the week!!  Let me know how your wedding planning is going I'd love to get any tips or advice specific to this venue!  tia!
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    I went there for a recent consult too, and Amanda was awesome!  I think I've researched every venue there is! We went when they were in the process of setting up for another wedding, and we were really impressed. Plus, it's a steal for the Cape - there's no 'minimum,' reasonable price for the ceremony, and no linens/tableware rentals! Plus w/the tempermental Cape weather, it was nice to know we didn't have to worry about a tent rental, since there was one already there!  By far, the Ridge Club was the nicesest but not 'over-the-top' place, and Amanda was not only the most professional but friendly. I could immediately tell we could trust our wedding in her hands. She even said she could order a local beer we wanted displayed at our wedding!
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