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Bridesmen and Groomsmaids? Better name or alternatives?

My fiance and I have a large bridal party and each of us went mixed gender. Originally we were gonna have all girls on one side and boys on the other. But now I'm facing the dilemma that two of the girls, coincidentally his choices are unlikely to get their dresses on time. I don't want to have to toss them from the wedding at the last minute if they don't come in time. I figure it's punishment enough that they'll have to buy a second dress last minute. Also, I don't want the drama of everyone thinking I'm outting them because they aren't my friends. In all honesty, I'm glad it worked out this way because if it were one and one I'd be screwed I think. So, I've suggested we keep our friends on our own sides. This way, guys are still dressed alike, but the bridesmaids are all in different colors, same style dress. Should the dresses arrive, I don't think it'll look weird to split based on who knows the bride or groom. But if the dresses don't come, I can tell the girls to go buy lbds that match and it'll look just fine too when they're on the groom's side instead of a desperate last second attempt to buy matching dresses in different colors than aren't already represented. Anyway, the groom's okay with this plan...the only thing he hates is the titles. I don't want to call his picks bridesmaids in the program and my picks groomsmen. I think it's a. inaccurate and b. confusing to the guests. And he doesn't want to call them groomsmaids and bridesmen. Is there something more asexual we can use for the entire parties minus MOHs and Bestman? Bride's indentured servants? Groom's Drinking Buddies? Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Bridesmen and Groomsmaids? Better name or alternatives?

  • Brides or Grooms Attendants, it's gender neutral
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  •                    Wedding Party
    Jane Jones                      Andrew Anderson
    Susan Smith                    Matt Matthews
    Tara Thomas                   Mary McDonald
    Steve Sorley                    Beth Barrister


    Bride's Attendants                  Groom's Attendants
    Jane Jones                             Andrew Anderson
    Susan Smith                           Matt Matthews
    Tara Thomas                          Mary McDonald
    Steve Sorley                           Beth Barrister

    People will figure it out based on who's standing where. And that's if they even care about the lineup. If your guests aren't already friends with the bridal party members then they're really not going to notice or care who is who, and who's standing with who.
  • I agree with Attendants.  It covers it all.
  • I can't see the OP because TK seems to be eating posts left and right today, but FWIW, I'm calling mine bridesmen and groomsmaids because I couldn't think of any options that I liked better.

    You could always consider just saying "bride's attendants" and "groom's attendants, though.
  • we had a bridesman and groomswoman.  though we joked about bridesdude and groomslady
  • We are calling my son, the Dude of Honor.  His sister, is my Maid of Honor.  Both college age children.
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