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Combining Addresses

H is one of those guys who keeps important addresses and numbers on random slips of paper throughout the house. I am more of an addressbook person (old school pencil style), but it's time to consolidate. Do you store your address book online, old school address book, website, spreadsheet? 

Re: Combining Addresses

  • Well I have an "old school" address book but honestly I've been referring to the labels that I inputted on my computer for the wedding. 
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  • I have my most important ones in my Outlook contacts.  But I am holding onto the wedding list spreadsheet and used it for Christmas cards,
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  • Our wedding address list has become the master address list, and we used it to make labels for Christmas cards too!

    I used to be an address book person, but having it online means I can access it from anywhere (from my phone).

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  • Old school address book. I love the thing and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. In fact I had to put the addresses into a spreadsheet for the wedding and I still transposed them to the old school book afterwards.
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    I have mine stored in the computer. I used to use a book a long time ago but I hate when I want to add someone and it's not in alphabetical order. I know that's a little OCD but it annoys me. H barely saves people's names into his phone much less has an address book, but I have all his family addresses now so it's fine. I also have his closest friends' numbers in my phone.
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  • Mine is stored on the computer.  It was before the wedding and I just imported them into an all inclusive spreadsheet for the wedding.  My mom has called me a ton since the wedding- so much to the point I just emailed her the spreadsheet. :)
  • I had them on the computer for the wedding but a project for this year is to do an old school address book because I don't like to rely on technology for saving information like that. 
  • i'm glad I'm not the only old school address book hold out LOL I think I'm gonna stick with that method....I wonder if I can get H to do all the inputing. His handwriting is so much better. LOL
  • I never had an address's always been on a spreadsheet.  We even had telephone numbers printed out from a spreadsheet next to the phone when I was growing up.
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