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Are you having an engagement party?

Re: Are you having an engagement party?

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    We decided to have one because it's a good way to share our happiness with some people who won't attend the wedding (some friends that aren't that close, some workmates, etc.). And it's a good way to practice the organization of an event!
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    My mom is pushing for one, so since she is wanting to throw the party I will happily give in.

    Since someone is throwing it for me, I will graciously accept, but if no one offered I wouldn't have had one. My Fi and I think its kinda rude to throw one for yourself.

    Its not too big of a thing here, and ours will basically be the family and a few close friends, so it will be a way for my whole family to meet his.
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    I think we may be having one - however, when is the appropriate time?  We got engaged last July and our wedding is in June 2011.  My fiancee wants to do something fun, a theme party, so I thought a themed engagement party could be a good compromise and fun.
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    We didn't have one. We didn't find it necessary. Plus, most of my family is 2500 miles away.
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    No, because we haven't finalized the guest list and half our guests are most likely from oot anyway.

    Plus, we've been engaged 2 months and no one has offered. It's not a big deal to us.
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    yes we are. We got engaged in Sept and we're not getting married until june 2011 so we dont want to wait so long to celebrate.
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    We had an engagement party and IMO it was the best possible way we could have started off our engagement!

    Since FI is chinese, we had a mostly-traditional chinese engagement ceremony/party. It was mainly for his grandparents, since the engagement ceremony is a huge part of their culture - its almost more important than the actual wedding!

    I wore a traditional chinese red dress and we had a tea ceremony and then exchanged rings (thats when I got my engagement ring - and I put a ring on his finger just for show).

    It was a wonderful experience and so great to have both families get together and celebrate our engagement. It really made me look forward to wedding planning and getting to marry my Prince Charming.

    I would encourage everyone to have an engagement party. Why not celebrate? Laughing
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    MIL and FIL threw us our engagement party.  It was a nice way for extended family to meet and get to know one another.

    FWIW though, throwing one for yourself is considered inappropriate and poor etiquette in many circles. 
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    My mom is throwing one for us  about 3 months after we are officially engaged.  It will be super small, probably about 10 people including FI and I.  We are planning to have it in a restaurant.  We are having one so that our immediate family members can meet.  
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    We didn't want one.  I knew I'd have a shower because there was no way my sis would let my wedding go by without one, and that's already a gift-giving event.  Then the wedding, another gift giving event.

    We didn't want an engagement party, which around here would've qualified as a THIRD gift-giving event.  Too gift-grabby.
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    We had an engagment party about a month after we got engaged with just the wedding party and both sides of our family because they had never met before. It worked out perfect and we had a lot of fun! We are still thinking about having one with just our friends.
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