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Great Weekend and Checks

It has been such a beautiful weekend!! The weather is gorgeous, we have been sleeping with the windows open. I went to paint pottery with my BM that I have felt distant with lately, so I was really happy to spend time with her! I also got a lot of wedding checks completed!

- Created and ordered guest book (photo book with e-pics!)
- Chose first dance song (Norah Jones version of Love Me Tender)
- Got my brother to edit a couple of songs
- Decided on my processional song (Butterfly Waltz)
- Helped FMIL pick out centerpieces for Rehearsal Dinner
- Changed tables from 72" to 60" rounds

I think there might be a little bit more, but my mind is blank! The list is getting shorter, but it's still long!

ETA: I remember!!!
- Ordered wine glasses for BM gifts
- Ordered all FG and RB gifts
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