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Hair Trial Pics and a?

so i've decided to wear my hair down for the ceremony with the chapel veil and in a messy side chignon for pics and reception with the birdcage. the final look will be more polished, of course. apparently my hair won't hold the curl and i'll have to set the curls the night before with saltwater. anybody ever do the saltwater thing? my stylist says it's quite gentle and won't damage my hair at all, but i've never heard of it. are the pics!

Re: Hair Trial Pics and a?

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    It looks beautiful!  Are you going to have your stylist stick around to style your hair for the reception? 
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    I think it looks great!  Never heard of the saltwater thing before.  Please tell us how it turns out and what the process is if you end up doing it!
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    I think it looks great! The simplicity makes a beautiful style :D I LOVE IT!  I've never heard of saltwater, but I do think we will share the same thing about our hairs not holding the curls ....I have really straight hair so that's always been my BIG problem, so let us know how everything turns out! But if you'd like I could ask my regular hairstylist (she'll be doing my hair for the wedding as well)  and see if she's ever heard of such a thing. I will be seeing her next month when she does my hair for e-pics.
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    LOVE IT - you look so cute.  I really like the birdcage veil on you - you have the face for it - Beautiful!
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    It looks beautifull.  I have never done the salt water thing...but let me know what you find out.   I may need to be creative to set mine to.
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    thanks, ladies! actually my stylist will probably be a guest at the reception so i get to have him with me allll day :)

    i will def. let you know how the saltwater thing goes :)

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    I am late on this & everything else, LOL. Just wanted to say you are going to be a lovely Bride =D I love the simplicity & elegant look of your hair!
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    Your hair is going to look pretty. Can't wait to see the finishes look.
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