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Help Me Make Some Since Out of THis!!! :)

OK, so I'm planning to get married next September or October.. And I'va had plenty of thoughts and seen plenty of cool ideas that I would like to try and incorporate in some way..
So I guess my question is does this happen to you? And Any ideas on how to make this stuff flow??
1. My fiance is a DEVOUT baseball fan.. So, I thought it would be really cool to do the cocktail hour baseball style.. (We aren't serving alcohol becasue 99% of the people invited do not drink) Maybe have like peanuts and popcorn and sliders or something like that..
2. We LOVE Mexican food.. I could eat it breakfast lunch and dinner.  So, I thought it would be cool to have ineractive food stations with fajitas or something like that for the reception
3. I like the idea of doing 'fall' type things (our weddings will be in the fall) like smores and a coffee bar towards the end of thenight because we will have lots of older ones there..
I think the final idea will probably be the hardest.
When my fiance and I started dating, we fell in love from the very beginning and of course wanted to rush into everything just like all new and in love couples do.. We knew that a marriage was in thefuture and wanted it to happenas soon as possible. HOWEVER, he was more responsible than I was and knew that it couldn't happen.. I was 17 at the time. So he sent me this crazy sweet email with a few Bible verses and told me a story about a child and a sandbox.
A child grew up and loved playing in a sanbox. But one day, his parents take him to the beach, and as they are driving on their way to the hotel, the child is amazed by the continuous sand and the huge ocean. THe child starts to complain and says that he wants to go to the beach, but the dad says that he has to wait until they get settled in the hotel. He paralled that story with our relationship. Before we got together, we never knew that the feelinges existed. But when we realized that they did, we didn't want them to stop so we wanted to make sure that those feelings never left, so we wanted to marry right then. The email goes  on to say that just as the father had something (the beach) better for his son, God has something better for us if we will just wait until the right time comes. So, as our relatiosnhip progressed, we would always make mention that we could 'see the beach ahead'.
4. SO the Idea that i want to incorporate in someway is the beach.. either make mention of it in some way or something. i don't want a beach theme receotion at all, but this story is such a huge thing inour relationship that we can't get married without some nod to it..
Sorry so long, but this is what my brain looks like lol!!!
Thanks SSSSSOOOOO much for the feedback!!

Re: Help Me Make Some Since Out of THis!!! :)

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    I wouldn't go too literal with the beach aspect. Are you having programs at your wedding? I'd suggest writing out the beach anecdote and printing it on the back of your programs if you are, or else you could have a copy of it on each table at the reception for the guests to read then.

    My advice is to make the fall theme the overall look/feel for your wedding (it'll be the most cohesive), and bring in small details to give a nod to the other things you'd like to incorporate.
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  • agree with unity sand ceremony -- that way you can have a keepsake, and you can incorporate the sand box story no matter what you do or where you are for the reception. if you guys are poetical you could write a poem for the ceremony like
     "when we were young, we wanted it all, but we didn't understand/that life takes time, love must grow, like a child playing in the sand/now we are here like we knew we would be, hearts overflowing joyfully/united as one, we combine our lives, for all of you to see"

    That was just a quick corny improv but there ya go.
  • Thanks for all of the feedback! I really like the sand ceremony thing, but I have never seen it done.
    And yes, I like the poem idea.. that was some good improv right off the top of your head lol!!
  • ok i was going to suggest unity sand thing too. i think that would be a cute nod to the story. you wouldn't even have to explain it to everybody if you didn't want to.. you guys know what it represents and that's what is important..

    So now for the food discussion (personally my favorite part of planning my wedding! haha) i think you could do toned-down nods to mexican food..  for example: queso fondido or fried artichoke with chipotle aioli as an hors oeuvre, chicken breast in cilantro cream sauce with calabacitas as the entree.. or just simple add a lime and salsa as an optional condiment to whatever meet or fish you serve.etc. and you could do mexican hot chocolate with your s'mores. Not all mexican food is spicy so i'm sure you could find something to please everybody.

    oh and i was thinking for the baseball theme.. maybe you and your fiance could come up with three "cocktails" (without the alcohol or course)  to serve and name them with baseball phrases.. like the home run, the grand slam, and the triple play for example.. then serve peanuts and cracker jacks.. your guests will get the theme without you having to hang up any tacky baseball decorations or anything

    try some of these http://www.cocktailtimes.com/original/wbc.shtml - i'm not sure what these drinks have to do with baseball but i guess they're what was served at the World Baseball Classic games.. from what i can tell it seems like each 'pool' had a signature drink
  • Wow, yeah.. that is a great idea about naming the drinks after baseball terms.
    LOL, and also I would never think of decorating our wedding cocktail hour with baseball decorations.. I will definitly take these ideas into consideration!
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