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I live in Eastern Lancaster County (practically on the border between Lanc and Chester Counties -- I posted on the Philly board, too) and I am looking for a salon that does airbrush make up as I've heard this is the best way to cover up tattoos. Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!! Also, if not -- does anyone have any experience using any of the products you can buy at stores? I don't want to have huge blotchs....
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Re: Tattoo Cover Up

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    I have tattoos and I am proud to be a tattooed bride! You don't have to cover them up, your fiance will love you with or without them. They are a part of you.
    If you decide to cover them up, just make sure that is what you want..not what other people are telling you.

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    I'm in no way ashamed of my tattoos, I just decided I wanted to cover the two on my chest up for my wedding day... no one else. I have plenty others that will be showing.
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    I know an artist in West Chester, PA who does airbrush makeup and covers tatoos with the airbrush her name is Lynda Ross 6105806917.
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    I agree with everyone else - wear your tattoo's proudly! Your man obviously loves you with or without them, so it shouldn't matter to anyone else. If you're doing it for your own sake, that's one thing - but don't let yourself to be pressured into covering up tattoo's, when chances are they mean something to you. :)

    Personally, I have one tattoo in the middle of my shoulder blades that says "life is not what i thought i was 24 hours ago" and i'm definitely not covering it up for my wedding. That phrase is so much a part of my life, and so defining, that I wouldn't dream of hiding it for any reason!
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    Miss bangbang :)
     I am a pro makeup artist and would love for you to do a trial with me. I use an all natural make up line thats not only great for your skin but also covers just as well as an airbrush if not better Wink. Im located in harrisburg  but I do travel..Email me  So we can set something up and I can do a complementary trial run for you! I also sell products so i can also give you a lesson on how to!
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    [email protected]

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