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New Hampshire

Brookstone Park Vendor Package?

Hi ladies,

I've just made reservations for our June 2013 wedding at Brookstone Park in Derry, NH and I am super excited! I know it's a while from now, but I am looking forward to planning all the smaller things now that we've found our perfect venue. So this is where my question comes from - I know they offer a Vendor Package, which costs about $3,000 and includes a DJ from Get Down Tonight, a cake from Jacques, flower centerpieces, and a 3 hour limo from Black Tie. So in your opinion, is it worth it to just give in to the Vendor Package or should I go ahead and look at different vendors myself?

Thank you so much!
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Re: Brookstone Park Vendor Package?

  • I think it really depends on you and what you want to get out of it.  My venue also offered a vendor package with similar items, but they were very up front with us that it's not always the better deal, and encouraged us to price out things on our own to make the final decision.

    I will say, the DJs from Get Down Tonight do come highly recommended on this board, and Jacques cakes are delicious but can also be pricy (usually when you go with their vendor package you get various things included, but certain designs or changes to a design do carry an upgrade charge).

    I strongly encourage you to shop around for vendors as a whole, but don't dismiss the vendor package until you've either found other vendors that you like more, or you're sure you can save money aside from it.  Another thing to check out is if they allow you to mix and match - my venue does, so we're going with the cake and possibly the limo and linens packages, but we have our own florist and DJ.
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  • I will also be getting married at Brookstone Park =) I will be getting married this June. FI and I chose to not go with the vendor package because we felt we could get it for cheaper and we liked that we would be able to choose who we worked with. Our for all of those things came in just over $2400 so it saved us $600 plus that includes not just the centerpieces but all the flowers (we are providing our own glass for the centerpieces). My vendors are as follows:

    Cake - Jacques $422
    DJ- Dave Lynch $949
    Limo- Lynettes Limo $260
    Flowers- Fresh water farms $790.50

    keep in mind it does take alot of time and effort to research and meet with people.

    GL! HTH!
  • I'm not a fan of Get Down Tonight.  So if you can mix and match that would be one thing that I might change. 

    When I was looking there and interviewing potential vendors the prices that I was coming up with were way better than the package and we weren't boxed into anything.
  • I am getting married at Brookstone on October 12 2013.  We did choose to go with the vendor package.  I do plan on upgrading to a premier Dj for $400 dollars.  I also plan on upgrading the flowers.  I still think it is a good deal for everything included together.  The cake is fine with me.  They are simple but still so pretty (and they tasted great!).  The limo I may upgrade to a 10 passenger but we are getting married onsite so 3 hours is plenty of time for us and Alex said that we can space it out throughout the time from when we leave my moms house to head to Brookstone all the way until we leave for the airport the next morning. I guess it is up to you and your budget.  I didn't expect to spend less than $3000.  I also probably would have gone with the majority of the vendors anyways.
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  • Thanks everyone for your replies! I will probably meet with the vendors that they offer through the package first, and see how much we like them. But I will also look at the other vendors that come recommended here.
    Shannie11, I do like that they let you split up the limo time, since we are also having the ceremony on site, and my parents live only half an hour away from Brookstone. So if we end up going with the package I will definitely do that!
    Thanks everyone once again. 
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  • Check out the vendors and do the math. Also chek out other vendors if you are not sure you want to go with those ones.

    Vendor packages can be a rip off. For example your cake will come from jacques (which is amazing BTW) but you can only choose from certain designs... if you have your heart set on something not in their basic designs then you will have to pay the extra for it anyways.

    We did the math and our venue package would have been soooo much more expensive. We knew we were going to use all the same vendors but we were able to get more and pay less by not going with the package. Do a spreadsheet and compare package VS no package prices

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  • Hello,
    We are getting married at Brookstone on October 7th, 2012 and decided not to with their vendor package. We mainly decided against it bc we really wanted a DJ from Main Event DJs. But I think in the long run it will end up being cheaper as well.

    We are using:
    Jacques cake -$625. Which is an upgraded cake and includes deliver
    Executive limo (3hrs) - $270
    DJ Ken Dionne from Main event - $1170 (10% discount bc its a sunday)
    Flowers -we are booking on friday but is going to cost about $800 for center pieces and flowers for the wedding party/parents/grandparents.

    Which is $2,865.....so cheaper then the vendor package AND I get the upgraded cake and all the vendors we personally wanted =)

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  • Thanks everyone onec again! And Amanda489, thanks for the info that Main Event gives you a discount for the Sunday wedding, our wedding is on a Sunday as well. :)
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