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Reception Ideas

Falling Star/Meteor Shower Theme


The first time I told my fiance I loved him was at a campout for the Perseid Meteor Shower. We originally wanted to have the wedding around that time, but August in Missouri can be pretty miserable, so we've changed it to October. But we're now talking about perhaps having a "Falling Star" theme for the reception.

Any ideas on what to do for this without it becoming too Disney and cutesy? We want to keep it simple and natural...

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Falling Star/Meteor Shower Theme

  • I'd look in to lighting options.  I bet there are a lot of creative ideas to have that effect.
  • I agree with you that you want to keep it subtle and non-cheesy.

    I agree with PP that lighting like possibly gobo is subtle but striking.

    I think a meteor pattern in white-on-white cake would look spectacular, let alone a more dramatic colorful one. Choose silver or white as a main color, and perhaps black or navy blue as another? Shimmery tea lights or other candles as part of your centerpieces could mirror your lighting effects to make the place resemble the clear night sky. Definitely shop in Xmas ornaments and decor to see if you find anything that hints at starry night while still appealing to you

    And you can totally be cutesy in places unless it overwhelms. A shooting star shaped getaway car sign, a signature drink name, a card box--all good places to sneak in cute without drowning people in it.
  • I would just have lights set up above- to look like a meteor shower- then have candle light on the tables, I think that would love very romantic- not cheesy. I like the cake idea as stated above.

    Good Luck :)
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  • These are some wonderful ideas - thank you! I'm so grateful we've started thinking about it now; we're paying for this ourselves so I want to do as much of it as possible ourselves. However, I have positively no sense of how to decorate, so I'm going to have to consult with my friends who are much better at this kind of thing.

    Keep those ideas coming! Thanks!

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  • Retread Bride, I was thinking exactly that thing...another reason to be glad we started early!
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  • You could use star of bethlehem flowers, something sparkly and star-like in your hair/jewelry, stars on your invites, like this:

  • What about a falling star on your invites? Or a falling star cake topper?  As long as you only keep about 5-6 things to represent the "star" theme, you should be ok with it not being cheesy. 
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