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May 2011 Weddings

Dress Shopping?

I just wanted to poll my fellow May 2011 knotties:  have you started dress shopping yet?  I was thinking about going while I am home for the holidays (parents are in Minnesota, I live in Michigan) but I am torn.

On the one hand, I can't wait to go!  Plus if I don't find something I like, I will most likely wait to go again until I'm home in June.  But on the other hand, I want to have something to look forward to and what if I end up changing my mind and not liking the dress?!?

Re: Dress Shopping?

  • I have "started' meaning I went once with my mom and sister knowing my sister would not live here much longer.  I found the style I want but I am planning on going to try more on probably in the spring.  I want to take my FMIL with me, she has no daughters and I know she would LOVE to go and it would mean a lot to me too.
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  • I've been a couple times already. But then, I was supposed to get married this year. lol.
  • Now that 2010 lines are being released I just have started seriously looking online.

    I won't be going til August to try on dresses.

    I don't have time while going to school and come May my sister leaves til the beginning of August...so the middle-end of august will be crunch time!
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  • I have found a dress that I love and have tried on a dress which is similar in style and it looked great on me! the thing is i cant find a boutique who has the dress in stock. They will order it for me, but I have to commit to buying. So I am stuck right now. Also I have a health problem where I gained a ton of weight ( yeah embarrasing) So i want to be back to my normal size before I buy! But good luck.. ITs never too soon to start looking!
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  • I've found a dress that I fell in love with, but I'm not ordering until it's mom-approved!
  • I've started shopping and almost bought the dress, but that's because I was originally getting married a year earlier. I am holding off until next fall to finish looking and make the final dress decision.
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