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Including outdoor ceremony/reception on invitation

Is there a way I can/should include on my invite that we're having an outdoor ceremony and reception? Or on the accomodation/website info card? Any thoughts? 

It's definitely on our website that it will be outside, as well as our rainplan. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated?

Re: Including outdoor ceremony/reception on invitation

  • I think that from the venue people will figure it out...i.e. "Columbus Botanical Gardens" makes it pretty obvious that at least some activities will be outside.  Sounds like you have a rain plan at your venue so your guests will be coming to the same place regardless.  If the weather looks inclement that day, your guests will be wise enough to wear raincoats and bring umbrellas.  I'd just indicate your venue on the invitation and give further information on the web site regarding the ceremony details and rain plan, or through word of mouth if people ask.
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  • Ditto PP. Note, though, that while "Gardens" tells me it's outside, "Estate" is ambiguous. If the venue is an estate, you could call the venue "the Gardens at/of the XYZ Estate."
  • You could also include the fact that it will take place in a garden, on a lawn, etc on an "additional information" card that you insert with your invitation. For example:

    The ceremony will take place on the lawn at the back of the venue. Please park at Structure X and exit at the back of the garage. Follow the signs to the Smith/Jones wedding ceremony. In case of rain, the ceremony will take place in the ballroom. Please see our website for directions, accomodation and other information.

    I like to know if the ceremony is outdoors because then I'm less likely to wear stilletos if I'll be sinking into grass, you know?
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  • Our ceremony and reception were at a country club with the ceremony being outside.

    (This is probably wrong but...) we put on our main invite at the very bottom in small font: Ceremony will be held outside - weather permitting"

    Our ceremony was mid October and at a golf course so I wanted guests to be prepared for weather and the ground texture.
  • On our website and on the accomodations card will read a line that says "The ceremony and reception will be held on the grounds of the historic..."

    Grounds should get the idea across that it's outside if the name of the venue does not.
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