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March 2010 Weddings


I am losing my voice -- managed to develop a cough and a sore throat.  so painful.  Fiance pulled a muscle in his back on sunday -- has not been able to lay comfortably for 2 days.  Neither of us have had a good nights sleep and now, on top of everything -- I am getting a pimple.



  • One ingredient, two solutions: salt.  Gargle with salt water to ease your throat.  Make a liquid-like salt paste, dab the solution on a cotton pad and hold the pad to your face for about a minute.  Hope this helps.
  • thankfully i have a dermatologist appointment for tomorrow, i set it about a month ago -- if no change -- i will have him pull out all the stops

    more annoyed about my throat.  people want me out of my office i sound so terrible
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