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New to DW!

Hi ladies!  I wanted to introduce myself, I am Kira, FI is Dave we have 3 kiddos and have been planning a traditional wedding in Philadelphia, PA for sept 2012.  We just this week changed our plans to have a DW in miami florida in april 2013.  Im sure I am going to have a million questions and I here you guys are great.
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Re: New to DW!

  • Hi Kira.  Welcome and congrats!!  I am also a FL bride.  I am getting married in West Palm Beach which isn't that far from Miami.  I can't wait to hear more about your plans.
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  • Welcome! Congrats on your new plans! What made you change your mind? These girls are great here and there are a few Florida ladies on this board! I'm sure you'll get lots of help from everyone!
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  • Welcome!!
    You'll find a ton of help on this board :)
  • Welcome !! and Happy Planning

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  • Welcome and congratulations.  We love to hear each others plans and can't wait to hear yours!
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  • Welcome!!!!  You have definitely found a great group of ladies to help you through planning your DW :) 

    Congrats on making such a hard decision.  What made you change your mind?
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  • Welcome!!! And congrats :)
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  • Congratulations and welcome! You have for sure come to the right place. These ladies have all kinds of information and are happy to share it.
  • Haha thanks Britt!  I'm gonna keep chatting in the fb group... I don't think I want to join another month board.... Ill stick with you guys :)

    FI and I decided to switch our plans because of financial reasons.  I am currently not working so we have one income.  I was supposed to start working in January and that money was supposed to go 100% towards the wedding... that plan fell through.  I have student loan debt and they took my tax return right out of my bank account, so we lost a substantial amount of wedding money there.  FI's job is 100% commission so he feels a tremendous amount of pressure in having to come up with the money himself in 7 months. He told me about the stress and pressure he was feeling so we decided this was the best option.  

    I don't even know where to start with all of this!  I am still feeling pretty overwhelmed. 
    Just to give you an idea of what I am trying to plan....  
    I am looking to do a simple beach ceremony.   Afterwards, I would like have a cocktail reception with just appetizers and drinks for everyone at a hotel/restaurant in walking distance.  I am going to stay away from anything that says "traditional wedding"  no sit down dinner, no centerpieces, bridal party...  Just a ceremony with drinks and lots of appetizers after to celebrate.  The only thing I am insisting on is having a wedding cake!
    I love south beach and am ecstatic to be getting married there. 
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  • You're always welcome in the group with the Sept brides, the ladies told you that :)
  • Welcome and Congratulations!
    Look like you already have a good amount started.. You have ideas to work from and that is the best way to start!! 
    Happy Planning! The ladies here are wonderful!
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