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Newbie! And Photography question..

Hey All! 
I stumbled upon this board a few weeks back and wanted to introduce myself. First of all, you all are amazing and I have been well on my way thanks to all of the great info!  
My fiance and I are in the process of planning our August 2012 wedding! So far we have a main idea of what we are looking for and we are starting to pick our vendors. We are both from Ohio and love the Outer Banks! Wedding colors are a tangerine orange, dark pink, and blue. The plan is to rent a house (which I think we found) and have the ceremony near by on the beach or on the lawn at the house, with the reception outdoors afterwards.

I do have a question about photography time limits...How many hours are typically needed on the wedding day? I want to get everything captured, but I don't want to pay for 8 hours if its not needed??? Any suggestions?


Re: Newbie! And Photography question..

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    Welcome!  We're from Dayton, OH and were married in the OBX last month.  You've made a great choice and found an awesome board. =)

    Our package was for 5-6 hours.  Our wedding was at 4:00.  The photographers arrived at 3:00 to capture us getting ready and left just after 8:00. 

    We didn't do the traditional reception with dancing all night, but even if we had we had finished dinner/cake/first dances by 7:00 so they would have captured all that.  We had considered starting photography a little earlier in order to do a first look but changed our mind when the wedding got closer.
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    WELCOME!  & congrats on your engagement!

    I am also looking for a shorter time frame, so far I have found all photographers willing to do less than 8 hours.  I am thinking 5-6 would be sufficient to capture a little getting ready, ceremony, cake cutting, first dances, and some reception, you could also get away with less I am guessing.  It also saves $$.  So far, I have quotes$800-$2400 for this same period of time.
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    Hi there!I  Welcome and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    I am origianlly from Ohio as well and lived in Columbus for 5 years until my fiance and I moved to Chicago about 1.5 yrs ago.
    All of my very best friends live in we are there often!  I got my dress in Columbus Big Rock Little Rooster in the Short North!
    Funny how its a small world!

    We have 8 hours (i think) with our photographer, but thats b/c that package worked the best for us.  I wanted pictures of the guys and girls getting ready before the wedding all the way through the reception.  However, I have heard that once the dancing starts, you really don't need a photographer...all the pics basically look the same.  I agree that 5-6 hours would be plenty of time.

    Good Luck!
    BTW - we are using Matt Lusk and LOVE HIM! 
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    Hello.  I am also from Columbus, OH.  My husband and I got married in August this past summer in the OBX.  Good to see another Ohio girl on here!

    We used Island Photography.  They were amazing.  We had them come at 4pm. the ceremony started 5pm. The package we picked was for 5-6 hours.  Our package was $4000 which included the wedding and an engagment session.  We negotiated some of the terms and removeda couple things from the package listed online.  It never hurts to ask.  Everyone has different needs.  We did our "engagment" photos the day after the wedding because we could not get them done before.  I wanted to make sure we had some pictures of us not all dressed up, but just casual.
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    Photography is a HUGE expense.  All the good ones are so much more expensive than I expected.  We decided on Matt Lusk as well.  He seems great so far.  We are only doing the 4 hour package with 2 photographers though.  This means that we will not have pictures of the everyone getting ready, which makes me sad.  However, we had to do what we had to do to keep the budget ;) 

    One of my family friends just started dating a photographer (in No. Virginia) pretty seriously.  I'm hoping they are still together and can help us to take some good getting ready pictures.  Fingers Crossed!!!  haha :)

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    Welcome SC!  You and your FI are too cute in that pic :)

    My colors are teal & tangerine with khaki & white accents....very very pretty!  I am doing a starfish theme throughout and we DIY'd our invitations, let me know if you want to see them for inspiration.  I also have some GREAT shots of a table setup with teal & tangerine from a wedding expo I went to last weekend in Richmond.  We went to a local place for linens (they are much cheaper than obx but then Teach & Mpar recommended and we saved over $300 by renting them from them) and she liked my colors so much, she decided to use them for her display at the expo and when I saw them, I was all teary-eyed b/c of how nicely everything came together. 

    Which house are you thinking of if you don't mind me asking?

    We went to the wedding expo in Nags Head in January and I highly recommend making the trip down for it.  You will get tons of inspiration, meet with different vendors, venues, etc.  You can also win tons of different prizes and most of the vendors give added discounts or bonuses ONLY if you attended the expo, so make sure you check that out.  I went with Outer Banks Productions b/c of the great deal they offered....we got 1 extra hour for free, 2 8x10's 100 5x7's AND a 2nd photographer, which was huge for me....and all of this was on top of the digital cd you get, re-touching, etc. all for only $1200!!!  We ended up getting 4 hours total and I highly recommend them.  Matt Lusk is also an amazaing photographer and also does natural beach and surf shots....his prints are really neat!

    Somewhere on here, there is a thread that SarahB created about wedding dates and tell us about yourself, etc. and I also created a thread "for the new obx brides" which gives a list of resources and websites to get you started.

    We a close group here and you will find lots of help, advice suggestions and some good laughs along the way!  Let us know if there is anything at all you need!

    Congrats :)


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    I love how much evyerone knows on here!! Thank you!! And OBX2011 I would love to see some of those pics! As far as the event house.. I believe we are using a house from and because it is rented via the owner of the home there is not event fee (from who I have called so far). We found an amazing house on the sound side and it was al most half of what we originally budgetted.  
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