Ceremony Music...Your thoughts?

Hi Everyone, it's my first post. Yesterday we had our meeting with our officiant and Harpist. I picked out my music that I want played at our ceremony. We are going to stray away from the traditional repeat musical repertoire and I am having the harpist play Marry Me (Train) for the prelude of the Parents and Grandparents, River Flows In You (Yiruma) for the bridal party and Just the Way you Are (Bruno Mars) and instead of the bridal march at the Recessional, She will play Somewhere over the rainbow. Something about the harp just makes is feel so magical!!!

What do you think? If you are looking for a Officiant and/or Harpist, I do want to say I am so pleased with how my meeting went with them and would definitely want to recommend them!

Re: Ceremony Music...Your thoughts?

  • Can you please share the names? We're planning to be married in Sedona this November and it'd be great to have a team who come recommended. How's their pricing?

    I wanted to surprise my fiance with a harpist, just for two songs, Over the Rainbow and I'm Yours. Did yours have to learn new songs? Is there an extra fee for that?

    Thank you!
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    Veeronna and Andy ragone are their names. you can check out their website they were so awesome to meet one on one. No it isn't extra to play the requested songs in fact she has alot of songs to choose from. Veeronna is very experienced and is very reputable. Let them know, you heard about then on a posting on the knot by anny and Brian. We are getting married in October: congrats. I am so happy that we are having then perform. the tone will be exquisite and magical.
  • I've been to a wedding with a harp player. Simply magical. And I love that you chose newer songs instead of "here comes the bride"
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    [QUOTE]I've been to a wedding with a harp player. Simply magical. And I love that you chose newer songs instead of "here comes the bride"
    Posted by tammyyq[/QUOTE]

    Yes it sure sets the tone. Bottom line if you really want something ask. You'd be surprise on what you can work out. I'm so impressed. VeeRonna really showed us that the Harp can play almost anything. I'm sure our guests will be teary eyed and if not, close to it and not bored.
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