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April 2011 Weddings


Morning!  I can't believe I am the first one to post this morning. 

Last night was fairly lazy.  Z finally has the new tv server up and running, so we caught up on some tv from last week and over the weekend.  A bunch of you always talk about Hunger Games.  I was wondering if anyone watches Game of Thrones?  We love that show.  I have been waitng patiently (and impatiently) for it to come back for Season 2 (which starts April 1). 

Edit:  Also figured out that Bones comes back April 6th!!!

Other than tv we didn't do a whole lot.  Had pizza for supper cause neither of us felt like cooking.  Oh, and I have started working on Z's surprise 30th bday party.  My mom and MIL are both going to help me, since we will have a newborn. 
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Re: Tuesday!

  • Good morning!

    I am so tired this morning. It was the longest drive ever today and I could barely keep my eyes open. Once I got to the parking garage I closed my eyes for 5 minutes, then figured I shold go into the office. Thankfully no school tonight so I'm thinking that it will be an early night.

    lindsay- Have fun witht he planning for Z's 30th. I did that for Robert on his 21st. He still has a couple years til his 30th so I have a while before I start planning that.
  • Good morning!

    Did my walk/job this morning, then went to the post office to mail off a few things. Right now laundry is calling my name...and I SO do NOT want to do laundry. But alas, I must. 

    In other news - I lost 2 1/2 lbs this week! Woohoo! :D

    Serena - sorry you're tired. I'm glad you don't have school tonight so you can go home and rest!
    Linds - when is his birthday?
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  • Mel - 2 1/2 lbs is awesome!  Woot woot!
    Serena - Sorry you are tired. At least you can relax at home tonight.

    His birthday is Sept 25th.  I am due on the 13th and very very much hoping that the baby comes on its due date or before or very shortly after!  But having my mom and MIL help will be awesome. 
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  • Wow so you're planning six months in advance? Dang girl. Why so early? Is it going to be a really big party?
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    "I think the threat of 'You've ticked off The Brides!' might do it." Anniversary LilySlim Weight loss tickers
  • Linds- I love Game of Thrones! Can't wait till it is back on

    Serena- glad you don't have school tonight so you can go home and rest up!

    Mel- Congrats on your weight loss chica!!

    Philip and I were talking last night how there is never anything on TV except for Sunday nights! We seriously have so much recorded on Sunday nights that we can't even watch TV because of it.
    Game of Thrones, Desperate Housewives, Once Upon A Time, GCB, Oprah, Mad Men, Walking Dead... What the heck please put some shows on other days of the week so our recorder is not overloaded on one night!
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  • Not huge.  Right now the guest list is at 30 or so people.  But because I will have to put it on the back burner over the next few months and then I will be more focused on baby.  So I wanted to talk to my mom and MIL so I can get them on board.  They will probably do 80% of the work for me. 
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  • morning! this will be a p & r but i will be back on later.
    my weekend was awesome. kind of a shopping bonanza! i did awesome at the outlets and opened an ann taylor card. if you like ann taylor clothing, you MUST find an outlet. everything in the store was 40% off. huge huge discounts on beautiful clothes. hooray!
    had a great time with my mom but now i am in catch-up mode, of course.
    mel -- great job on the weight loss!! happy for you!
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  • Mel- Great job on your weight loss!!
  • Morning Ladies- I am tired, might have to go to starbucks for a caffeine pick me up. I decided to not take my allergy meds today because I think it is making me restless at night. So I am in the same boat as you Serena, can't wait for my head to hit the pillow tonight.

    Mel- Awesome news on the weight loss! I bet you are so happy!

    Lisa- I love Ann Taylor, you will get so many coupons and rewards with the card.

    Linds- Good luck on the planning!
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  • Hey chicas!

    Sorry no 2 ?s today - I had a training class all morning. I was at smoke school - training my eyes to determine how opaque smoke coming out of our stacks is.  Our air permits have a maxium opacity allowable.  I was there with our env. coordinator and a bunch of our maintenance guys.

    On the way back, we stopped at Cabella's.  I got some new polarized sunglasses for sailing.  It was a godd way to get to know a bunch of the guys.
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  • K - That sounds like a fun field trip! 
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  • Yay, finally have time to jump on here.  I've started really trying to get into the house hunt a bit more (embarrassing story of why when I can get back on facebook, but for now I will leave it out of here because I don't fully trust the knot!)  We saw 8 houses on Sunday and found nothing, but talked to our real estate agent and she's going to expand the search and add a few more cities so hopefully we'll find something we like (fingers crossed).  For those of you that heard about my aunt we're still waiting on the test results which she will get this Thursday.  Thoughts and prayers appreciated that it wont be as bad as the doctor suspects.  I was pretty sick last week and ended up at the doctors with an asthma flare up (how you get to be 27 and then become diagnosed with asthma is beyond me).  But, after meds, rest ect i'm finally back to myself and will hopefully have a few more mins a day to jump on here.  I miss everyone!

    Linds:  I'm SUPER excited Bones is coming back.  Z's birthday is 5 days after mine :) That's awesome that you have the moms to help out with the party :)

    Serena: Get to bed early tonight!  No falling asleep in the car.

    Mel: AWESOME 2 and a half pounds!!!

    Ashley:  There's a girl on my bus that looks just like you.  Every day I do a double take and think you're on my bus. 

    Lisa and Kristin: yay for shopping :)
  • Happy Tuesday !! Today was my last day of work before vacation, woohoo! I'm so glad I have a few days to get the house picked up and laundry done before having to pack. Good luck with the house hunt Michelle! I'm crossing my fingers for good news regarding that and your aunt. Mel- congrats on the weight loss! You ken dooo eeeeet! Linds and Ash- I watch too much tv but at least it's pretty spaced out over the week. I'm trying to get ahead this week so it's not so backed up when we get home from DC. Lisa- glad you had a nice visit with our momma!
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