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Missy or Plus?

I thought I was a plus size, but I don't wear a 14W so I'm thinking I'm a missy - just not sure what I am. I wear between a 16 and an 18 - I plan on loosing weight anyway..just wondered if anyone could help me figure what I am.

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Re: Missy or Plus?

  • ahhh size question. i love being in the clothing industry. something i actually know. anything over a 16 is techincally a plus size just because missy and plus both have 14 and 16s. It's just cut with those ones. but remember in a lot of gowns, you need to go 1 or 2 sizes bigger just because thats how theyre made for most designers (not always the case mind you). Im a 22, but had to go 26 with my Cassini. Didnt phase me at all. I know youre going to lose weight but remember, it's easier to take in than let out.

  • Usually the "W" after a number signifies that the bodice and the length of the skirt are about 2 inches longer.  It allows more room for fuller-busted women, and also for women who carry more weight on the bottom.  You may still have to get the gown hemmed and / or altered to fit you no matter you order a 18 or an 18W (and yes, there is a difference, I know, because that's the size I wear). 

    Also, like other PP's said, designer's sizes can vary widely from your jean (or normal dress) size, so don't let the number be a worry -- just pay attention to the measurements and make sure the bridal shop orders you the dress that fits your largest measurement.  For me, that was my bust, so I had to order a 22 instead of a 20 in my wedding dress.  Oh well... the one I got fits, and it only had to be altered a very little bit!!! :-)
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