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So I've never taken any diet pills, not sure if I even want to before the wedding, but I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about QuickTrim.  I've seen it a lot in stores recently..  

Thanks! :)

Re: Quicktrim?

  • Yeah most people don't advocate quick diet pills/cleanses and such..

    We are into working out until we sweat and feel our legs almost give out ie: feel the muscle and feel how healthy our lungs are.

    Most of us also strive for clean eating and cutting out all processed junk.

    If your serious about losing weight you have to be serious about diet and exercise
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  • Diet pills will always mess your body up. Just don't do it.  "old-fashioned" diet and exercise is really the only thing that works for weight loss.

  • OMG I used them for about three weeks and one day I woke up feeling like my stomach was dying inside of me! It was SO painful. I didn't loose any more weight using them then I did when I just ate clean and worked-out regularly.

    They are scary and not worth the risk.
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