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Wedding Date Delimma..JULY 6,2013

So my fiance and I love the date of July 6, 2013. That will mark the 5 years that we have known each other to the day. We wanted to wait until we are done with school which brought us to the 2013 decision and we wont have graduated until May/June so that gave us July and then our anniversary on the 6th!!!

Anyways, my sister (MOH) just brought it to my attention that it will be a holiday weekend and I am wondering if that is bad? Will people opt out of coming just because its the July 4th weekend? July 4th is on a Thursday that year.

Just curious if you all would think it was rude, bad, or anything else negative to choose that day. Thanks so much!

Re: Wedding Date Delimma..JULY 6,2013

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • I think the date is fine...that will also be my wedding date!! I agree that the most important people will be there no matter what the date. Smile

  • That is my date as well and I chose 7/6/13 bc 7+6=13...I thought that was kinda neat. As long as the save the dates and invites go out w plenty of time, people will make the time to come to your wedding.
  • I think you are totally fine! We are actually getting married on 7/5/13, and picked the date because of the holiday weekend. Were hoping that it will make travelling easier for our out of town guests. We plan on having our rehersal dinner on the 4th and incorporating a fireworks viewing into it. 

  • My fiancee and I set the same date last night. We are embracing the idea of the holiday weekend and will likely make it an "Americana" themed event. Since we'll have a number of out-of-towners, we assume that most will not be working Thursday and Friday. This way they can enjoy the 4th at home, travel on the 5th, celebrate on the 6th and travel home on the 7th. Congrats, it will be a pleasure to share the anniversary!
  • We have also picked the same date.  I actually think the holiday will make it easier for people to come (including ourselves, since we are having our wedding where my fiance's family lives, which is not where we live). 
  • I am worrying about the same thing!! We are just planning on celebrating with some fireworks that night after the ceremony is over. My cousin was married on July 3 a few years ago and she had a great turn-out despite the holiday weekend. I don't think you have anything to worry about!!!! 
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