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December 2011 Weddings

No clue where to start.

Hi! My FI and I just got engaged last Saturday (11-6) and we want to start planning but we really have no idea where to start. We already know that it will be a budget wedding because of our situations right now. We are planning on getting married on December 10,2011 in the church where my FI grew up in. Since it will be a wedding close to Christmas, we are planning for the colors to be red, white, and silver. The two of us love Christmas time so it fits perfectly with the two of us.  Any ideas where to go with this? 

Also, my FI's uncle will be a groomsman since the two of them are really close. We are wanting the pastor of my church to marry us but we are worried that this might become a conflict. Any ideas how to approach this with the two of them?

Thanks for any help! 
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Re: No clue where to start.

  • I'm not sure where the "correct" starting place is but my FI and I started with an approximate guest list. Once we knew the estimated amount we had a better idea on which reception sites were better, how much money per person we could afford (definitely either decide budget first or second), and then prioritized what was important to us. Since you stated yours is going to be a budget wedding, like ours, I really recommend this. It will help a lot when making decisions and booking vendors. Good luck!!!
  • We started by choosing our church(it was a no-brainer for us) then doing an approximate guest count and deciding on a budget.  After we had our budget we found a reception hall and we've put just about everything else on hold until after Christmas this year..
    As to your pastor situation, I know with my home church we first had to approach the church that the wedding is in to make sure they will allow outside pastors, and then once we had the go ahead we approached a family friend who is a pastor to see if he would be willing.  We will be using co-officiants since I am Presbyterian and he is Baptist, but the process should be about the same for using a pastor from a different church alone. Good luck and congrats on the engagement! Enjoy it, time flies!
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  • My fiance and I started with what we decided was essential:

    1. Guest List
    2. Budget per head
    3. Booking church
    4. Booking officiant
    5. Booking reception

    Basically, we couldn't get married without any of those things, so they had to happen first. Once those are done, the rest is just fun! 

    He asked his groomsmen before I asked my bridesmaids. He's already had to fire one, but I'm going strong with my girls. Then again, short of one of them trying to murder me at a bridal shower, I wouldn't fire any of them. I've been a bridesmaid too many times, so I know what to expect. Fiance has never been in a wedding, so he really has no idea what's going on. 
  • We actually went backasswards. We picked our date, (12-10-11) our colors, our reception hall, my dress, and now I'm working on all of the paper goods. We still haven't figured out where we're actually having the ceremony... but I don't have to print the invites till July at the latest.
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  • My FI and I are getting married on Dec 17, 2011 and how we attacked the whole wedding process was:

    *Guest List (Every single person asks you how many people you are thinking of having and everything is budgeted around the amount of people)
    *Budget (Again it is pretty much based on how many people you have so you may want to figure out what your budget is first and then figure out how many people you can fit into your budget)
    *Church (Which included the pastor who will be marrying us)
    *Reception Hall (we wanted a place close to the church.  We also have a reception hall that handles food and booze so we don't have to worry about a caterer or bartenders)
    *We then figured out our colors and stuff like that.  We are currently in the process of booking our flowers, cake and DJ.  We really want to get that booked before Christmas because it seems like a lot of couples get engaged around Christmas and New Years so we want to be able to snatch up the best :D

    Hope this helps! 
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