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High Cotton BBQ?

Are there any OBX brides that have used High Cotton BBQ for their wedding? I had my heart set on Kelly's, but it seems to be a little pricey. I'm going to meet with Mary Ann (Kelly's) in a couple of weekends to try and work it down to our budget ,but want to keep my options open. My FI is obsessed with BBQ and I thought it might save us some money. Only downside is we have to rent all linens, plates, utensils, etc. Any thoughts/ opinions?

Re: High Cotton BBQ?

  • I am considering using High Cotton BBQ for rehearsal dinner because I have seen great reviews on this board.   I'm curious to see what the other brides have to say :) 
  • We used High Cotton BBQ, and we LOVED it!!!  We used the option that provided the chicken and the BBQ, and then we added a few sides as well.  Their servers were very nice, and we also added a bartender on for the night, who stayed late when we decided to extend the reception.  They were so easy to work with, and the food was awesome.  We had a ton of leftovers as well, which they boxed up for us, and put in the fridge.  I would highly recommend them.  They actually provided paper products....which we just went with.  So much easier than renting, and so easy to clean up.  
  • I can tell you in 26 days... :)  we're using them for our welcome dinner (around 80 people).  Also doing the BBQ and chicken meal with sides.  And banana pudding for dessert - YUM!!
  • We're doing BBQ for our rehearsal dinner.  We're not using High Cotton BBQ because it turns out our reception caterer makes some pretty good BBQ herself, but we did eat at their restaurant while we were in the area to test it out, and it was sooo yummy.  I left feeling disgustingly full, but I just had to finish everything that was on my plate!

  • We used High Cotton and were very happy with them!  We went with bbq pork and beef brisket and it was very good!
    May 25, 2012
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