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Filipino bridal shower not traditional?

I am planning a shower for my sister in NY. Half of our family lives on the West Coast and are Filipino. They unfortunately can't come to her shower in NY. I know she would love for them to be part of it so I am planning a small shower for her with those relatives when we visit for the holidays. My mother is concerned, however, because she said showers are not part of the culture in the Philippines. (My grandmother even got confused when my sister had an engagement party!) I want to do this for my sister, but also don't want to confuse or offend my very conservative maternal relatives. Does anyone have suggestions? There will be up to 20 people there. Thanks!

Re: Filipino bridal shower not traditional?

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    Unfortunately, your mother is right about the showers.  Showers are definitely not the culture of the Philippines so if you're inviting a lot of relatives that did not grow up with American culture, they'd probably just come but not bring presents.  It could still be a lot of fun (you can play the games and what not) but make sure there is "real" food (when we had my shower, my MIL kept complaining that there wasn't any real food... we had finger sandwiches, spinach and artichoke dip, and a chocolate fondue) and use it as more of a way to meet and greet.  But yea, don't expect a traditional shower with lots of presents.
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    Hmmm.. I know this is a very late response, but maybe when you run it by the fam, you can reword it as a Despedida de Soltera instead of a bridal shower.  I know those are relatively traditional and are essentially the same thing -- a get-together of loved ones to celebrate the "end of singledom."  Let me know if you were able to figure things out!  Good luck, and congratulations to your sister!
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