I need some honest opinions!!

I have two wedding "dilemmas" if you can call them that.  Basically my opinion is differing a bit from my parents and it is making me anxious.  The decision are up to the FI and I since we are paying for the particular things in question. I really want honest opinions here - I am stuck on these!

1 - Our entrance song.  I have been saying for years, like before we were even engaged, that at my wedding I was walking out to Sir Mix-a-lot "Baby Got Back."  I have a bit of a booty, my FI is an "ass man" and we just like the idea of doing something fun and different.  We would really just walk out dancing normal - nothing inappropriate in terms of our movement.  I mentioned the song to my mom and she didn't know it, but when she mentioned it to some of the younger girls at her work they were apparently really shocked.  One said how she sang that when drunk at karaoke and that my mom should look up the lyrics online. So now I am all worried that I am somehow going to offend someone.  What do you girls think?  It should be noted that though our wedding consists of a full Catholic mass and traditional reception, it is certainly not all that formal.

2 - I saw this classic guitar player who sings in Italian and knows popular songs that are in English but are known for being Italian (like "That's Amore").  For a surpisingly reasonable fee, he will play entrance and exit music to my wedding, along with singing the Ava Maria in Italian for the flowers to Mary portion of the mass.  He would perform for the entire cocktail hour and then sing 3 songs during dinner - one for the couple and two that are  more popular so guests can sing along. I love, love, LOVE this idea.  However, my parents and MOH seem to think he should strictly be at the rehearsal dinner and my FI doesn't seem intrigued at all.  Everyone seems to think having him play during dinner at the reception, even if it's just 3 songs, is disruptive.  I just can't see him at the rehearsal dinner, though reasonable it is still a chunk of money and I don't want to pay it just for 20 people to see him!  Any ideas/suggestions?

Sorry this is so long! I had caffeine and it's late so I'm chatty haha.  I am off work tomorrow so I am excited about that as well.  Let me know what you think!

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Re: I need some honest opinions!!

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    my two cents, because I'm online and don't feel like going to bed yet....

    1) I think only you and your families will know if anyone at your wedding would be offended.  If its what you have your heart set on, it can be cute.  I'm not sure how you could just "walk in" to that song and not dance and have some booty smacking, but that's just me.  I'm not sure that I would use that for my entrance song, but I definitely did some butt smacking to Flo Rida's "Low" during my reception.

    2) I'm not sure I 100% understand.   The songs that he does during the reception, are they while people are eating or dancing?  If its while they are eating, most likely they will just eat and talk over him and think its nice background music.  If its during dancing, I would worry that somethign like that would interrupt the flow, especially if its not music people can dance to.  I think it would be cute at an RD, but I guess then you don't get him for the ceremony and cocktail hour.  If you are using a band or DJ, I would recommend talking with them to get their feelings on it and how it would affect the flow of the night.
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    I pretty much agree with what Cara said.

    1), it's your decision what song you walk in to.  Personally, I would not choose the song myself (I have a bit of a butt as well), and I do have to say I may be a little shocked that you chose that song, but then again I have heard worse.  If it were me, I would chose another song to walk into but still have that one played during the reception.  But at the end of the night, its your wedding. 
    Do remember, though, that if you are having a video it will be captured on there forever and you can never change it.  If you are okay with that, go for it, but it sounds to me like you may be doubting that decision or you wouldn't have asked us, and if you are not 100% sure you should think on it more.

    2), if you are having this guy play for your cocktail hour and dinner, then handing over the music responsibilities to a DJ, I think that is fine.  You are going to want something to be played (low, of course) during dinner, or else it's very quiet and awkward.  Jazz music, dinner music, that kind of stuff (DH jokingly called it elevator music).  You don't want to play baby got back during dinner and loud, LOL, but you will want something to be played softly in the background.  I have been to a wedding where they played nothing during dinner, and it was rather awkward bc everyone was eating so no one talked and it was eerily silent. 
    If, however, he is going to be playing for people to sing along, well, that could be a bit distracting (I have this image of people singing with their mouths full and food going everywhere...ick).  I would suggest jazz or dinner music during dinner, played softly, and then maybe this guy doing it during your garter and bouquet or something right after dinner, to get the guests involved?  I don't know.  If your FI doesn't seem that into it, though, I would save your money or apply it someplace else in your budget (like video or photo, which can always use a boost).
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    1 I agree with Cara as well.  I wouldn't choose that song as my entrance for sure and there is NO WAY FI would go for it, but the entrance in general is a lot more reserved in the UK.  

    2 I think it sounds like lovely background music for the cocktail hour/ dinner.  
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    Am I the only one who thinks walking in to that would be hilarious??  Although I highly doubt you'll be able to walk in and not have a little more fun with it than you described above.  We came in to "Imma Be" and rocked it!  But the Pharms are not a reserved people that are not easily offended = )

    FWIW, in '08 I saw a BP come in to "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent - carrying huge lollipops.  Talk about inappropriate lyrics!  Looking back it reminds me of the "The Hangover." 

    I see that you're still 7+ months away from your wedding...give it some time before you pull the ripcord on this decision.  There's still plenty of time for you guys to hash that out and maybe a newly released song will strike you guys more. 

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    I love funny entrances so I would love it. If you think someone would be appalled then I wouldn't do it though.

    I like the second idea as well.
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    1) Its YOUR wedding which means even the little details (song choices) should mean something to you. Go with that song and put a little booty smacking as you come in. That is a playful song and needs a little dancing.

    2) FI wants a string quartet for cocktail hour and dinner for our reception and although I want a fun dancing party reception I am going to give him this small request. I don't see anything wrong with it.
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    LOL the booty smacking reminds me of an entrance I seen on a photogs blog... I can't remember who though. The groom had a strap on plastic butt, it was so funny!!
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    Wait, I am confused.  The second one, is it just quiet dinner music, or are you having the guests sing aloud with him during dinner?  One I would totally go for, the other not so much.
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    She means for it to be less boring than dinner music. I personally am going to do bar songs for dinner, so they are fun, and everyone knows them. I hate boring dinner music.
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    I agree with PP on the entrance song. It's your wedding, so go for it! I would not choose that song for my own wedding, but I would decide on something similarly funny and upbeat. I think it sets a "fun" kind of mood to the party.

    For the guitar player, maybe there is a compromise. If you are having him for the mass, then the cocktail hour, then you are having your funny entrance, then going back to him for the dinner, that much be a bit much. Maybe just having him for the mass and cocktail. Would you be able to get a cheaper rate that way too? I'm not sure how much your FI does not like this idea, but if it were me, I wouldn't book something that my FI didn't like at all. For example, I really like the look of vintage film for our video, but FI did not share my feeling. We looked at others, and I liked the ones that he liked (just not as much). I was happier going with something we both liked even if it wasn't my favorite.

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    1. I think coming into that song would be hysterical! It's your wedding and I think you should do what you want. If someone gets offended by a song, it's not your problem. It's not an extremely inappropriate song so I don't see any reason for anyone to have a problem with it.

    2. I agree with B2B, I hate boring dinner music and this sounds like a fun alternative.

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    We had debated coming into "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang, which is also a little on the "innapropriate" side.  We thought it would be hilarious (that's who we are), and are having the same dilemma-- here's a thought, put it on the ipod and play it in the car when your Mom or Grandma are with you, and see if they say anything-- most likely they won't catch half of it!
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    Ah you girls are the best! Thanks for your thoughts!!

    1. I think we will definitely still take time to think on the entrance song.  I figure the only people who may not approve are the grandparent-age generation, who probably won't hear the words anyway.  Our other option is Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" (I'm a teacher), but we have been favoring that for the removal of the garter. OH and we would totally dance a bit to that, I just don't think we'd do booty smackin, just some shaking. Smackin might offend people - though our families are pretty fun and laidback.

    2. We are both set on using him at church, and kind of uninterested in the cocktail hour - we already booked our DJ for 5 hours and we will be in a separate room so we won't even get to enjoy it.  My fiance does like the idea, he is just worried it won't be appropriate at the reception - people eating dinner and having conversation might be interrupted I suppose.  We have our tasting next week and our going to ask our wedding guy at the reception hall what he thinks.

    Thanks :)
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