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What is your guy doing? Going to the usual strip club? How do you feel about that?

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    I feel the same way as DeniseJesse8809. My FI is going up North with 30 guys and I have to stay home that weekend to watch our dogs. He tells me that he doesn't want to go out and see strippers but if the guys want to go he doesn't want to be a party pooper. I told him how it makes me feel and he tells me that there is nothing to worry about but I just get a horrible feeling. I dont want to freak out on him but as it gets closer I get more worried. I just dont see the point in going if hes not into it. Please help with any advice to explain to him or how to get over it! Thanks :)
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    I'm also going to post on behalf of the anti-strip-club, for solidarity's sake: for me, it doesn't have anything to do with trust or actual sex, I simply find it offensive that committing to a woman is deemed so emasculating by our society that we are unilaterally expected to condone this "last hurrah" sex encounter, lest we be called insecure shrews. And that the best man and/or other male attendants, i.e., those who have been specially selected to stand for the marriage and support it, are the very ones who organize this offends me even more. I certainly never came after anyone saying "enter into a union where there will be only limited, unfulfilling sex for the rest of our lives or else." Rather, HE willingly asked me to enter into a permanent, monogamous, adult situation. I'm also of the mind that our last nights of "freedom" were a few years ago before we got serious
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    I agree with you. My FI disclosed to me everything that actually goes on at the strip clubs and believe me it is 10 times worse than you thought.  Every sexual act takes place as long as the guys are willing and able to put up the money.  The groom gets stripped, his nipples licked, whipped, dry humped and everything else imaginable.  And most of the time the groomsmen encourage it.  Needless to say my FI is not permitted to have strippers involved at his bachelor party :)
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    My DH ended up hanging out with some friends at someone's apartment.  They were going to go to a strip club, but they were all broke and got too drunk at home.

    He's been to plenty of b-parties at strip clubs and I don't care.  I've personally been to several strip clubs, and I'm well aware of what goes on in them.  Most of the time, what happens on tv is 100 times worse than reality.  I trust my DH enough that I don't care. 

    If a guy is going to cheat, he's going to cheat, regardless of whether he does it at a strip club, at a bar, or at work. 
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