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-do you have a shampoo recommendation? my dog is stinky, and the heat isn't helping anyone. i think he (the dog) is the only one enjoying his aroma.

-kid and dog now play together. i have been waiting for htis to happen since dog has a LOT of energy and i do not, so now they can both entertain each other.

-the worst is when i am on a call and i have to mute the phone to yell at the dog to stop licking himself. i mean, really. it's so rude.

-i really wish i could get cesar milan here to stop this guy from jumping all hippy dippy all over the place. he grabs at my butt more than H some days.

Re: random dog stuff

  • We use the T-1 gel from the Dollar General store.  It helps with Bennett's dry skin and it's cheap.  It smells a bit (not unpleasant, just has a scent) until it's totally dry.
  • Earth Bath in Mango Tango. It's all natural and makes my dog smell amazing, and she's super soft. They have a lot of scents/formulas. 
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    i have some blackberry dog shampoo, "for dogs of color". it works fine, but i would like something that lasts longer than 2 days. unless, though, dogs just stink.

    i'll look out for both of those.
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    [QUOTEfor dogs of color
    Posted by Wzz[/QUOTE]

    That is cracking me up.  

    Ours is just normal human shampoo, but it's for people with itchy scalps.  You have to leave it on a few minutes after lathering.  That's just when I wash their faces and ears.

    It'll probably be in the "African American Beauty" section.  But like I said, we can find it at our Dollar General.  I don't know if you have anything similar.

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    we don;t have a dollar general, but i am familiar with T-1. you know, i have some head and shoulders, maybe i'll try that out.
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    I've always found that diet actually has more to do w/ the stinky-level o' dogs than their bathing.

    That said, I'm pretty sure this is what we used last time she was just stinky:
  • I have paul mitchel tea tree dog shampoo that is awesome:

    And about your dog's behavior problems: You mention that wou wish Cesar could come help- if you watch his shows you can pretty much figure out how to handle *most* doggie behavior problems. We have a cattle dog mix who is really high energy and sometimes nippy. Cesar always says that the first fix to behavior problems is EXCERCISE! You need to spend more time walking, running, playing fetch with, etc. your doggie. Also, our dog jumps alot, and we usually gove him a sharp poke to the ribs (ala Cesar) and say 'no jump' and he stops. If that doesn't work, I would recommend physically putting him on his side (gently) and telling him no. This method has always worked with our doggies.  Good luck!
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  • Not sure if this might help your stinky canine but the absolute best remedy for skunk smell is one bottle hydrogen peroxide plus one cup Dawn dish washing liquid mixed in a gallon warm water. Using a sponge, soak dog with mixture and let sit on him 15 or 20 minutes, then rinse. Works great for skunk spray, can't imagine why it wouldn't work for just plain stink. Don't mix ahead of time, mix and use immediately.
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