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New Jersey - South

Where to buy accessories?

I'm looking for a braclet, earrings, maybe necklace... and things to put in my hair...
any suggestions on somewhere not too expensive to find this items?
I think i like the crystal look.
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Re: Where to buy accessories?

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    I am selling my earrings.... you can see them in my pro pics link in my siggy... they are chandellier earrings, crystal with pearls hanging.  Stunning in person :)  PM me if you are interested.  Actually am selling my hair flower, and bracelet.. all of the pics are in my planning bio too.
  • bakersduzinbakersduzin
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    1928 Jewelry has some cute styles if you look at their bridal collection. They have an online store, but some department stores also carry it (maybe Macy's?).

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    I actually got all my jewelry at one of the costume jewelry carts at Woodbridge Mall (but I think they pretty much have the same types in any mall.) I had to look for several months to find the right set that looked real but I ended up with EXACTLY what I was looking for (pearl and "white gold" with "diamonds"). There was no way I would wear anything that fancy again so I couldn't justify spending a ton of money... The bracelet, earrings and necklace all came to about $90 altogether. They looked exactly like the real thing but the great thing about them being fake was that it was all very light so it didn't bother me to wear them all day.
  • Musicheals71Musicheals71
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    I did really well with accessories on eBay, and I'm talking new accessories, not old ones.
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    I've seen some really nice things on Etsy, but I'm leary of buying something without seeing it. I'm going to go to the fashion district in NYC first and try to find my jewelry before I try anything online.
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    Charming Charlies in the Deptford mall. It literally has everything and at really good prices.
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    I second Charming Charlies. They have some crystal stuff that is PERFECT and their prices are awesome.
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