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Bride with Lapband

I just got lapband in November and have lost 48lbs so far. My wedding is Next March and I want to start looking for dresses but i'm a little worried. Everytime I go to try on dresses I explain to the people that Ive had the surgery and I'm not sure what type of dress I'm looking for. Id like to try on tons of dresses to get some ideas for my "new" body. ( I went from a size 24 to a 14.. sofar...). Can anyone let me know of any places that will let me "try anything and everything" on?


Re: Bride with Lapband

  • You might try posting on your local board to see if anyone has recommendations for bridal salons and maybe even a specific consultant. 

    I would also recommend going shopping on a weekday, if you can, since it sounds like you want to be able to take your time.  At some salons it's not a big deal, but I went to the David's Bridal in my area on a Saturday afternoon, and it was a madhouse and I could barely find space to see myself in a mirror. 

  • I only went to David's Bridal so I don't have a ton of advice, but at DB they let me try on everything and anything.  I went through a catalog and tabbed pages that I liked, she brought me dresses that included the things I liked but that she also thought would look okay on my body type.  Anywhere you go should let you try on anything and everything you want!
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  • I agree with the trying to go on a weekday, even if it is in the evening.  If the salon is busy (as most are on weekends) they are going to be less likely to take the time with you.  Afterall, the consultants do work on commission. 

    I would make an appointment at a place with various designers in your area on a weekday.  When you make the appointment tell them you want to try a range of styles to really see what is best for your new body.

    Congrats on your weight loss too!!
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  • In my experience as long as I made an appointment in advance the bridal salons let me try on as much as I wanted.

    Even if your planning on a designer gown you might find it beneficial to start at David's Bridal. You'll have a wide selection styles and sizes. Its a good way to start getting an idea of what your looking for/what works/what size. They'll also give you the appropriate bra/slip to start off. If might help you get comfortable with what you want, especially since your working with a brand new shape.

    And congrats on the weight loss! What a fabulous way to show off your awesome new bod!

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    October 13, 2012
  • Cincinnati Bridal & Formal in Cincinnati, Wendy's in Dublin, Ohio and Alan Ray Bridal  in Columbus (about 1/2 mile from Wendy's).  There are places that will let you do that. The first place DD shopped was Wendy's. They told us to pick 6 dresses to start with. DD picked 2, the BM with us picked 2 and I picked 2. 

    Cincinnati Briald & Formal gives you a section of rack, then turns you lose in their 3500 to 4000 dresses (no lie) and you pick what you want. They do recommend no more than about 10 dresses to start but will let you choose more if you want.

    Alan Ray allows you to look at all their dresses and pick whatever you want to try on.

    You probably want to post this question on your local board though so that people in your area can tell you of stores near you that will allow this.
  • While I think there's a certain appeal to being able to go through a store's inventory and pull dresses yourself, I would prefer to have a good consultant choose dresses.  I went to four stores, and the best experience for me (and where I bought my dress) was where I showed the consultant pictures, described to her what I would like, and she pulled dresses she thought I would like.  It was much less overwhelming. 

    You sound like you don't have as specific of an idea about what you want, but I don't see why you couldn't tell the consultant that you'd like to try on several different silouhettes, and let her bring particular dresses with other features you like (lace?  beading?) that she thinks would work with your body and your style. 

  • David's Bridal. Or you're in NY? Try Kleinfield's. But they start at $1k
  • Definitely ask on your local board.  We have a salon here that "makes" every bride try on one dress from each style first.  I put makes in quotes because it's actually a really good thing to do.  Often the style we think we want is not what looks best on us.  I definitely recommend trying on something from each cut first - stralpess, halter, A-line, trumpet, mermaid, etc - before narrowing it down.
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