Wedding Woes


It's been a loooong week.  Thank heavens for Friday.  Whatcha up to?

MIL is coming this afternoon to sit while DH and I go see Zac Brown Band.  I wish I could wear something cute, but my legs have been killing so it's cargo pants and tennis shoes for me.

The rest of the weekend will be cleaning out the nursery and picking paint colors.  When I mentioned to my mom we're under 12 wks out she flipped a little.  It's gone so fast.

Re: TGIF!!

  • Are the kids feeling better?

    Today I'm doing more touch up painting during naptimes so we can get the trim up tonight after our Target run.

    Tomorrow we're picking up the furniture and Son has a baseball game,

    Sunday we're going to my grandma's for a cookout for her birthday.  I also have a bridal shower that afternoon.

  • 6let only had the own bought of throwing up so yay for him.  Just last night M2 was starting to be herself again. 

    We'll be painting next weekend.  My mom is taking the kids Fri- Sun.  My dad is coming here Fri-Sat to help.  I've slowly been taking things from the nursery to the basement.  I say slowly because this 2 story business is killing me.  I miss my ranch sometimes.
  • Did you decide on the decor of the nursery?  Going with the tricycle print?

  • Vintage sports.  It's just easier and will still be very cute.  DH loves sports so I was feeling a little bad denying him that because his mom and sdad are whackadoo.  We offered to redo 6elt's room in sports then give baby monkeys, but the kid wants to keep his monkeys.
  • Oh, vintage sports will be cute.  And lol @ 6let.  "Don't take my monkeys away!!"

    I always thought a baseball wall was neat:

    You know we like our baseball in this house.  :)

  • Tonight: Getting stuff ready for our garage sale tomorrow.  I think we're going to have a fire tonight.

    Saturday: Garage sale, the kiddo has a cross country meet, and then we're supposed to go apple picking and have dinner at the IL's.

    Sunday: The kiddo has basketball evaluations and then football?  IDK, our team is on bye this weekend and we need to get the kiddo new shoes.
  • I have that wall pinned!  M2 has a baseball ceiling fan 6let wants in his room which made me think he'd want the other sports stuff, but nope. 

    We got these pics (FYI if you order online you can take your reciept into BBB and they'll price adjust for coupons)

    And I want this lamp

    We haven't picked any colors yet though.
  • Very cute stuff.  We got a bunch of these drawer pulls from the Target dollar spot years and years ago when Son was in his old baseball room:

    And I liked this idea as well but Son wanted the balls:

  • We have friends coming into town this afternoon.  So that should be fun.  We're hosting them, and attending a game tomorrow.  Well, H and friend's FI are attending the game while we wander in college city and enjoy ourselves sans boys.

    Then Oktoberfest.  LOOOONNGG day.
  • I love all of that baseball room stuff.   Cute!   My bro just painted a Buckeye helmet wall in nephew's room.   Adorable.

    DD and I are doing mommy and me ballet tomorrow (our first class of an 8 week session).  I'm really excited.  That's really our only plan for the weekend.
  • Well, right now I am on call for work hopefully going in later, and I work tomorrow too, again, hopefully going in. Sunday is more work between the nursery and the new office/guest room. We may even get the crib put together.

  • AF- They had sports day at preschool yesterday.  Ironically, my kid was the only one not in OSU gear.  That ballet sounds like a blast!

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