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I've never been to a bridal shower before -- am I supposed to buy a gift for the shower and the wedding or do I just buy the gift for the wedding and give it at the shower?
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Re: Shower Gifts

  • lizstill13lizstill13 member
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    You should buy and bring a gift to the shower since the bride will (should) open them all at the party. If you can't afford it, there's no need to buy a second gift for the wedding since you will have already bought something.
  • SarahPLizSarahPLiz member
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    It really depends on your circle. Some people see the shower and wedding as separate events and buy 2 gifts. IMO, they are celebrating the same event, so if I go to a shower, I bring the gift then, and bring a card to the wedding.

    Do what works for your budget.
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    I highly recommend this website for favors!
  • banana468banana468 member
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    I always give a shower and wedding gift (If I go to both and/or if I'm invited to both), BUT I know that's not the norm for all crowds.  
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    A gift is generally expected at a shower, but a gift at the wedding is optional. Of course, you should always at least get the bride and groom a card at the wedding.
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