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Has anyone ordered invitations on Etsy? What was your experience?I ordered a sample from a vendor and love it, but am hesitant about not being able to deal with the person face to face.

Re: Etsy

  • I bought our invites on Ebay, not Etsy, but mine turned out as I expected them! I've shopped on Etsy a few times and never had a problem, but it's really all about the seller. I think if you've gotten the sample and love it, you shouldn't have any problems, assuming the product comes to you as you expected it. But I think your concerns will be the same from any online product because you can't see who you are dealing with face-to-face.
  • I ordered mine from the - "Come for the Love" invites and absolutely loved working through etsy! But I agree it could be a gamble not interacting with the person face to face!

    Good luck finding something =)
  • Thank you ladies! I've been emailing with the seller and she said that I can customize it any way I want (colors, fonts, etc...) and she said she will send me as many proof as it take to get the invite the way I want it.

    I know this is a gamble, but I think I might go for it This is exactly what I was looking for and if go to a local stationary store for it the price will easily be doubled.
  • With Etsy, always check the seller's reviews, but I've had amazing experiences with my sellers. We actually purchased my e-ring from an etsy seller, and got a fantastic deal.

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