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hi ladies, so my fiance and i just made another check..we reserved a dj. now while we were there we look briefly into their video services as well. they offered us their most elite package which includes 8 hours of coverage (i.e. the 1st look and photo shoots, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception). this would then be edited into a 2 hour or so dvd with chapter selections, a movie trailer, recap, etc for $1295. i keep thinking it would be nice to have a video to actually recap on our ceremony and vows as well as see a lot of the other footage that my fiance and I may miss throughout the day. however, what are your ladies honest opinions. is a video reallworth it, have you ever watched it more then once? Everyone keeps saying "oh the one thing i regret is not having a video," but is that really the case? I really need HONEST thoughts ladies. Thanks! 

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  • I answered you on the other board. For future reference use XP in the title if you post the same thing on multiple boards.
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  • Personally, I think a 2-hour wedding video is WAY overkill.  My personal favorites are the 3-4 minute highlight trailers that are usually released before a longer edit.  For full edits, 20-25 minutes has always seemed like more than enough.
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