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Tahiti vs. Hawaii

Ok Knotties.. I am sooooooooo torn!!! I have been a pricing machine the past 3 weeks and I am up to my ears in emails and notes.  I think that I over did myself and now I don't know what to do.

I always imagined that I would honeymoon in Hawaii.. visit Oahu, Maui and Kaui.  From the begining of our engagement my fiance and I agreed that Hawaii would be our destination...

Then.. as I looked online and heard from other people.. Bora Bora is breath-taking.. especially the over the water bungalowls and beach bungalows.  Both places are pricy.  Bora Bora being a little higher. 

Has anyone been to either one or both?  What do you think is better?  I would imagine that the bungalows are very romantic and secluded.  So far I have both itineraries..  (PS I'm from NJ)

2 nights oahu
5 nights maui
5 nights kaui
2 nights LA


1 night Papeete (becuase travel time from NJ to LA to Papette is veryyyyyyy long!)
5 nights Moorea - beach bungalow
5 nights Bora Bora- over the water bungalow

let me know what you think!

Re: Tahiti vs. Hawaii

  • I'm not sure about Tahiti, but Maui is a lot of fun!  I went a few years ago, and I am returning for my HM.  (FI's never been).  One plus to Maui is that you don't need a passport. Maui can be super crowded, and it sounds like the beach bungalows might be a little more private.  Now is supposed to be one of the most affordable times to go to Hawaii, but maybe it is too for Tahiti. Haha I guess I haven't really been much help.  I vote for Tahiti. It sounds too romantic to pass up!

    Make sure you get an antibiotic ahead of time just incase you get a UTI.  I'm not sure what their medical system is like.
  • I haven't been to either but we are going to Maui/Hawai'i Big Is. for our honeymoon. Looks like you live in Jersey... We're in Ohio and the flight/trip to Hawaii was as long as we wanted to travel/be on a plane. And I wanted to only change planes once haha - I travel a lot and wanted this to be more vacation than traveling.

    We're staying in a bungalow in Maui, not over the water - islands are more mountainous there than Tahiti.

    I'd think about what you want to do while you're there? What kinds of activities are there in Tahiti vs. Hawaii? Restaurants? Do you do an all inclusive in Tahiti? (for us, we wanted to be able to have a car, drive around, explore the islands and restaurants)  - We are really excited about the diverse landscape in Hawaii - dessert, tropical, volcano, pineapple fields, etc.

    Its a long honeymoon so just think about your activies while you're there haha if you end up leaving your bungalow Wink
  • We are going to Tahiti. We dont even have to spend a night in Papeete because our flight to and from LA is overnight, so after we land in Papeete, we get on another plane and head to Moorea.

    Here is my opinion: Tahiti is a once in a lifetime vacation. You can go to Hawaii another time. This is your honeymoon. You only have one honeymoon, so live it up! If you have any more questions about French Polynesia, let me know. Are you on the NNJ board? If so, you can page me there.
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  • We are trying to decide between Tahiti and Hawaii as well! I have been to Hawaii a couple of times before on family vacations and LOVE it! Maui is my favorite Island. My Fiance has never been, but we both have never been to Tahiti.

    I would say spend the extra money and go where you really want to go! You only get one honeymoon!

  • Kmartella4-

    Thanks for writing back! :)  I hear Maui is alot of fun and lots to do.. and that Kaui is more calm.  They are both very pricy.  I don't know about it being the best time to go! lol The quotes that I am getting for what I wrote in my original post are... for Hawaii/LA aprox 9,000 give or take a few hundred becuase prices change every day.... and Tahiti is between 9-10,000.. so they are around the same but they say Tahiti is pricier bc of the Euro-

    Have you traveled to other islands in Hawaii?

  • Linqdc

    Where are you staying in Tahiti?
  • gibsonkk

    where are you staying in Hawaii that has the bungalo?  My travel agent didn't mention this!! lol shame on her!

    I want to swim with the dolphins, zip line (but I don't think they have it either place :(  )  have a car, go through the rain forest... if we do go to hawaii I would love to get surf lessons and visit pearl harbor.
  • We are staying at the Four Seasons on Bora Bora and the Hilton on Moorea. They are both overwater bungalows
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  • I'm going to Tahiti for the same reason - FI and I wanted to go somewhere we'd never have a reason to go to again.  Linqdz - I'm staying at the same hotels as you.  You're probably going before me, I'll look forward to your reviews.

  • If the prices are about the same, I would probably do Tahiti. Although it really depends on what activities you want to do. Hawaii seems to have more activities, and Tahiti is more for relaxing.

    We were also deciding between Hawaii, Fiji, and Tahiti, and finally decided on Tahiti for our honeymoon.
  • Personally I would say Tahiti!  I've been to Hawaii and LOVED It but for our honeymoon was definitely wanted to do something wild, exotic and one in a life time!

    We're going for 12 nights - 4 Moorea, 5 Bora Bora and 3 on Vahine Island :)  I can't wait. 

    good luck with your planning :)
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