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Ceremony Musician

I know there has been a lot of discussions about ceremony musicians on here, but I'm still stuck...
I am getting married in a Catholic church, but my fiance is the one that's Catholic. The priest gave us a list of musicians, told us he didn't care who we hired, but just to make sure they were a musician who knew the Catholic wedding music and the order in which the songs should be played.
I want some non-traditional songs during the ceremony (like songs on the radio), my fiance had no clue what I was talking about because he is used to super traditional Catholic weddings, and we compromised with him saying we can have "regular" music before and after the ceremony & maybe when I'm walking down the aisle.
So my dilemma is trying to find someone who does traditional & non-traditional music since I don't know the Catholic ceremony well enough. Any suggestions??? Thanks! 
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Re: Ceremony Musician

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    My sister called CCM and got a guitarist for relatively inexpensive.  CCM kids learn real quick, so even if he/she didn't know traditional Catholic music (and you could proably find someone at CCM who does) they are trained to pick it up quickly.  Plus they might already know some of the other music.
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