Let's talk about fall

It's officially Autumn tomorrow what is everyone's favorite things about the season?

I am all about anything pumpkin - muffins, coffee, pancakes, etc
Crisp apples
Not having a sky high electric bill from the AC running

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Re: Let's talk about fall

  • jnkreagerjnkreager member
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    Other than that, i LOVE college football and how the leaves look (especially in Hocking Hills) once they start changing.

    Ohhhhhh and pumpkin pancakes from DK Diner!
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    I agree on the AC and the College Football. I also love the changing of the trees. soooo beautiful! And the fact that I have an excuse to wear sweatshirts.
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    i love sleeping with the windows open in the fall. it's my favorite thing :)
  • Cassandra999Cassandra999 member
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    OSU football (but I dunno about this season)
    pumpkin pie
    apple picking
    pumpkin patches
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    My new favorite thing is getting married in the fall :-P

    But football and the leaves changing are a close second, and hoodies and long socks!

    And I just love the crisp smell in the air. 

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    I love not having sky high A/C bills

    Able to wear pants, and pumpkin patches!
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    Football is #1 of course.

    The fall colors are a nice second.  HOWEVER.... does it seem to anyone else that they don't last too long.  Its like one day their green, the next day or two they have color... and then BAM.... you have to rake them up!

    I think I'm gonig to complain about this to God!   LOL 
  • Combs132Combs132 member
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    Pumpkin beers
    Pumpkin coffee
    Apple cobbler/pie/crisp
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  • sm311506sm311506 member
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    Definitely planning our fall wedding for next year! We chose October because we love the season so much.Our county fair is in October so I definitely think of all things fair related as well as bon fires, of our course for my future hubby deer season.

  • csh96csh96 member
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    Agree with all of the above! :)  The cool temps and no AC, football, changing leaves, and baking anything pumpkin or apple.  My fav time of year.
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  • AjoydAjoyd member
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    I love fall clothes, I always have. Cozy sweaters and jeans...I get excited just thinking about them! I love that the air gets crisp and when the leaves turn. Pumpkin scones, pie, and beer. Football season.

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    Hi Jess!  I finally got on here to check out the local groups and the wedding month groups you suggested.  Thanks so much for the suggestion!  We have a mini photo shoot on Sunday so I got lots of ideas for that.  Also, I started on my centerpieces and the sticks look awesome with the lights I told you about!  As soon as I find my camera I'll take a pic to post for you.  Thanks again!

    Oh and my favorite fall things would be anything pumpkin, cozy sweaters, the beautiful colors, scents of the season, having a fire burning in the fireplace and of course, my wedding!  Laughing
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