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Im a newbie!! I have questions about much they cost (im be in chicago) Do u put  them on your "save the-date invites" Do I go to a regular photography and can I pick any location...thxs guys.

Re: E-pics

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    Check around and see what your local photogs might charge. You might find a photog for your wedding and they will include it in your wedding package. If you do them seperate, they can be in the range of $100. and up. You can absolutely use them for your save the date. And you will be able to pick the location as well.

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    Have you started on anything else, venue, reception, etc....etc..... ?
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    Welcome Newbie!

    1) E-pics normally cost between $100 and $200 per hour for the photo session, then you can purchase the individual pictures that you want.  It's bes to try and get a deal that included all of you images on a CD, then you can print and use them as you please.

    2) Most brides do use their e-pics for the STD.   It's not a written rule, but most do.  due to the e-pictures being high-quality images your STD will look gorgeous.

    3) You can go with a regular photographer, but I highly recommend a wedding photographer that specializes in lifestyle pictures.  You want you E-pics to look as effortless, yet professional.

    If your looking for a photographer, you should place a post on you local Knot forum.  I'm sure you will get tons of recommendations.

    I hope this helps!

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    I think we are going to do our cermoney at his grandma church and Im still working on the budget and guest list. I dont really talk to my mother or father side of the family and I have a fear NO will show up for my reception...:( and he is not inviting that many people. So i dont kno...i havent really started and im already stressed plus the amount of money is scaring us....

    He wants to do a courthouse weddding...but Im not having It looks like it is still going to be around 8-10k dollars....and we dont really have that kind of money.......sorry for the rant.  

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    Maybe you can do the ceremony and reception at your church? If you want creative ways to cut reception costs and you are flexible on your vision, send me a PM and I can tell you about some stuff that I've read that may not have worked for me, but would work for someone with a smaller guest list and fewer restrictions. Also, take a look at bridal blogs like Budget Bride and 10.000 Wedding...they should come up in a google search.
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    Welcome to the board Reese. Please don't feel like you have to spend tons of money on your wedding. It's true we all want beautiful days but it's just one day, and what's important is that you are marrying your love at the end of the day.

    With that said, many people even on this board are having wedding with budget lower than what you are looking at, and they are turning out amazingly. Don't feel like you have to get everything every one else is getting. Set a budget that you are comfortable with, be reasonable and be creative and resourceful. They are great girls here that can help answer any questions you may have

    As far as your family is concerned, maybe your wedding will be the thing that bring everyone together if that's what you guys want, or keep you apart. It will be whatever you want it to be. Sorry things are not going well though!

    Going back to your initial question, the girls gave you great answers already. Also know that they are many other photographers you can find that will work with whatever budget you have. Just take your time and do your research. Taking my example, I wanted a day of planner and everyone in Philly was asking ~$900 to $2k for just one day of coordination, which i didn't have. So I looked at someone who was a planner in the corporate world but wanted to branch into weddings. She charged me $350 and since then has done more than 10 weddings so she will have some type of experience when my day comes along. Someone told me her prices are now between 500 and 1k. All that to say be resourceful. So look at craiglist, ask for recommendations on you local board, look at students who just graduated and photographers who want to build their portfolios, enter contests, etc.

    I hope this helps
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    The most important thing is that you two are happy.  You can have a nice intimate wedding with only your closest friends be it 5 10 or 12 people or more, the number of people are not important more than your love and commitment to one another.  There are plenty of things that you can do at a reasonable cost.  One option that you can also consider instead of doing a full blown reception is to reserve space at a local restaurant that you both love or have wanted to eat at depending on the size of your party you can rent space there have your dinner and go out afterwards if dancing is important to you as well you could find a nice lounge where your guest can celebrate into the night.  Some restaurants depending on space and restrictions may also even allow you to have your first dance right there.  Bottom line your wedding day is what you make it and based on what you can afford, there is no reason to start off on a bad foot with too much on your plates to please others, it is one day as long as you are happy roll with it :-) wish you the best.
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    thank you everyone!!:) I really appreicated the insight and  the advice bc i dont have nonone to really talk to...thanks again. The lounge or restrauant is a great idea i will talk to the FI about it. I think I am getting carried away with having the perfect wedding and not really looking at as "it is one day" and our commitment is what is important . I just dont want to have any regrets

    thanks again ladies!!

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    Check out the budget forum and books on budget wedding planning. You shouldn't/don't have to go beyond your budget. My fiance and I both graduate students on a very tight budget. Our budget is less than $5k and so far everything is coming being very resourceful. My friend did our e-pics and they turned out pretty well...she isn't a professional either but she is a graphic designer with an interest in photography.

    At the end of the day, the wedding day is just the start!
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    Reese another option is to have a private reception, a friend of mine got married in NY she invited all of her family and friends (it was a packed house in the church), they did a receiving line and thanked their guest for attendance after the wedding and they had a private dinner and night out with only their closest friends and relatives (no one else was invited to the reception).

    My niece who got married in Hawaii had her reception with family and friends a year later as a catered BBQ at her home.  So there are plenty of options and your guests will understand either way, as always make it about you and FI and what you can afford.  The most expensive part of the wedding in my opinion is the reception so focus on everything else and than see where you are from there.  Even if you have a reception where friends and family prep meals to help with your day, anything goes, it is what you make it out to be. If in the summer you can even do a BBQ or buffet style luncheon.  Also the timing of your wedding offsets your cost there are options to have a morning wedding with brunch which is less costly then dinner service and some locations offer reduced rates if you nix the bar all together.  there are even reduced rates depending on the day of the week and season you book, if it is in a slow season they drop rates dramatically.  it will all work out.

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