Reminder re: reviews

1) Don't forget to post your reviews to the Knot's sister site, The Wedding Channel. I think you can win money (or something, but only if you're an American resident).

2) Negative reviews are a good thing! They're incredibly helpful (We had a bunch of girls who were worried about Dorys's job about a year and a half ago, and that wouldn't have come out if people hadn't posted honest reviews). Just keep them factual. And free of slander. Oh! And leave the personal insults at home. And multiple exclamation points. They can stay home too.

And, if you break the rules, I'm not going to ban you or anything, it just means I pull the post down and ask you to edit it. I've got nothing but love for HI brides. (Significantly less for randoms who come on to post raves/vents about vendors and nothing else though.)

Re: Reminder re: reviews

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    LOL! No. I just want to encourage people to post negative ones as well as positive. A lot of the brides on this forum don't actually participate in the conversations, so it's harder for them to email people for details sometimes - just because they don't know each other. I think there's some fear of me being super upset with you if you post something negative... but if I have to pull something down, I'll tell you where there's an issue and ask you to repost. It's really not a big deal (unless you're a raving loon, which I assume most of us aren't).
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    Haha I love this. Thanks for the reminder, and I agree I do not think we are raving loons. LOL.
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    That's a strong assumption Alyson LOL. 
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