Best Value: All inclusive Honeymoons!

We are looking for the best value for a beachy/ relaxing all inclusive (drinks and meals) honeymoon. I am thinking Domincan Republic. Any one been there and want to offer resort recs.? THanks!!

Re: Best Value: All inclusive Honeymoons!

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    We're not going to that location we're going to St. Lucia but we are doing an all inclusive trip. We booked through a travel agent in Blue Ash for the Grand (it's a Sandals). I think there is a Sandals in the Dominican, and we've heard great things about Sandals and the rooms/resort look great. Plus they include all of your water sports ect. which is great. Hope that helps a little good luck :)
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       Just wondered if you thought you got a better deal through the travel agent of if it would be worth just booking on your own? Me and fi are also wanting to go to St. Lucia but are debating whether
    to look into a travel agent or just find a good deal online! TIA!
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    I went there a long time ago, but can't remember the name of the resort. I do know we stayed in our own little hut versus a hotel. It was a nice place, but you don't want to leave your hotel. Have fun :)

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    We are going to Couples Tour Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamacia and booked it online.  When we booked, we got 50% off plus free travel insurance.  And if there are any better deals before we leave, we can take advantage of them- up to 45 days before we leave. 

    For us, we found Couples to be better than Sandals becuase it offered more things like free excursions, horseback riding, and water sports. 
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    [QUOTE]aebb4,    Just wondered if you thought you got a better deal through the travel agent of if it would be worth just booking on your own? Me and fi are also wanting to go to St. Lucia but are debating whether to look into a travel agent or just find a good deal online! TIA!
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    We went to St. Lucia in March, and didn't use a travel agent.  To be honest, everyone we looked at was offering us the same or HIGHER rates than what we were able to book ourselves.  And all of the "discounts" and "perks" travel agents claim to offer we got ourselves simply by mentioning that we were on our honeymoon.  ::shrug::

    We stayed at Stonefield Villa Estates and LOVED it.  The resort is more secluded, and more geared to couples than to families, so fewer children.  We had our own private villa with a private pool, great food at the resort restaurant (even vegetarian dishes - a HUGE thing for me), and free shuttles to Jalousie Beach multiple times a day. 

    H and I had planned on maybe going to Bora Bora for our 5th anniversary, but after staying at Stonefield, we've decided just to go back there instead.

    TIP: Ask for the Hibiscus villa - it's the most private on the resort.
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    I'm assuming you don't want to spend a ton of money by your OP....

    DR is cheaper, yes.  Are the resorts great??? I don't know, but I know the area isn't the best which is why they are cheaper.  but if you plan on just staying in your resort I'm sure it would be amazing.

    Anything in Cancun/Riviera Maya Mexico is pretty cheap right now.  Everyone is hurting from the American recession.   These places bank on American vacationing...and when American's don't vacation, they have to start offering deals, too.

    We stayed at Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  It was really beautiful and really relaxing.
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    I also recommend looking into Mexico. We went to the Excellence Playa Mujeres resort, just north of Cancun. We had a direct flight from Cincy so the 3.5 hours travel time was a huge plus.  the resort is all adults and just amazing. It's on a very private stretch of beach (only 1 other resort in the whole area) so it's quiet & relaxing). The food was great, rooms fantastic.  We LOVED it.  We got a pretty great deal too, as erin said, because of the deals they have. 
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    FI and I just got back from the DR a week ago. We had a good time! It was very relaxing and peaceful. The beaches are beautiful!  We stayed at the Occidental Grand and it was well kept. The customer service there is different than here. They move at a slower pace and aren't very motivated to always fix problems. If you are looking for value, then the DR is it. I would definitely go back. But if you are looking to be treated like royalty, I'd reconsider. 

    We are going to Ireland for our HM so I can't offer much on research of other places.. but hopefully our experience helps!
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    I also agree with looking into Mexico because the flights are so much cheaper - we're also going to Excellence Resorts Playa Mujeres. We were able to upgrade to a 2 story room with a private pool deck on the roof with the money we saved on the flights (vs. places such as the Bahamas or Costa Rica). I don''t have any advice to offer on the DR though, good luck!
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