Montreal Dress Shopping - other Montreal advice?

Hi there,

I'm heading to Montreal in eary December and think it may be a great spot to find my dress. 

Any suggestions on great boutiques to check out?

I am looking for a simple organza mermaid dress (light... wedding is in Hawaii...) priced at around $2000 or less.

Also... anyone have "must do" suggestions while visiting in Montreal? 

Thank you!

Re: Montreal Dress Shopping - other Montreal advice?

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    Check out St. Hubert street, there is tons of wedding dress stores there. Google it and you'll find some of the designers that are carried. Also, Chabanel street is good.
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  • I went to try on a bunch of dresses on St-Hubert st. I got the best service at Sposa Adorable and the worst at Oui, Je Le Voeux (I would even tell you not to bother going into that store).
  • I've been looking for high-end dresses in Montreal and find there's very little selection.  
    A new place just opened on Crescent Street - I'm visting next week.

    If anyone has any suggestons for luxury dress shopping in MTL, I'm all ears!


    2125 Rue Crescent suite 200

    Montreal, QC

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  • I loved Christiane Brunelle, but I found my dress elsewhere. I think I will order it through Ami-Fer. A colleague of my mother's bought her's there and said it was good. I found one dress I liked at France B. Pronuptia but I found the service slow and a little bitchy. Galleria della Sposa was nice, but just out of my price range. Atelier Perla seemed nice on the phone, but, as I said, I've chosen my dress already. I found that it was hard to get them on the phone, though.  

    I called Creations Vezina three times to try to get a price quote for the dress I want to order. Every time I got some silly girl on the reception who took my information and then told me that her superior would call me back within 24 hours with the information. I still have yet to receive a phone call. I would not buy my dress from a company like that even if they offered it for half the price. I also had some snotty guy tell me not to book an appointment for a 2013 wedding because I would "probably fall in love with something and then it will get discontinued". As if I am incapable of making a decision in advance. 

    Oh and BTW, the Vieux Moulin de Rigaud flat-out refused to allow my and my fiancé to visit the site because they are only book 2012 right now. Even after I explained that, in order to have time to get his family's Mexican travel visas approved we would need to book our venue in the next couple of weeks, they still refused to co-operate. I guess they don't want our business very badly... 

    But the venue I've booked in amazing! And WAY cheaper! And WAY more beautiful, judging by the pictures!

    A simple phone call could have gone a long way. 
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